Little Lighter Today

I didn’t plan on taking it easy today but it couldn’t be helped. When I woke up the plan was to ride 15-20 miles while ending up at my parents place to drive my dad to his physio. All ready so I go to grab the bike and see the front tire is flat! So much for that plan. Instead I decide to squeeze in a 5 mile run instead. Again I couldn’t run the whole distance. Just not there mentally lately. With about 6 walking breaks I finished the 5 miles in 52:11.69

While my dad was at his physio appointment I took all 3 of my bikes to the bike shop. 2 of the 3 were cheap enough fixes so I left them to get fixed. I figured I’d be without a bike till next week but they called me late this afternoon to tell me the one I wanted fixed first was ready. $45 for a new front tire and tube and fixing the crank gears isn’t too bad. Guess I’m going for a ride tomorrow night!

I had thought of running again after my dad’s physio but decided I better not as my men’s night golf started tonight. I was right too as one run and 9 holes of golf and my heel is saying enough. Men’s night is not my favourite way to golf but my team members are pretty good guys and it gets me out of the house each week for 5 months. I started playing with them 2 summers ago when I started putting the weight back on and needed a reason to get my butt off the couch. Tonight we played pretty well considering it was the first bit of golf for 4 of us 6. We’ll find out next week how we did overall but tonight as a team we were 2 under par.

I was going to post a pic of my new hairdo last night but thought I better make sure it actually turned out alright. My dad is the first person who saw me since I cut it and he said it was alright. After he said that I told him I cut it and he just laughed. I explained it seemed wrong giving someone $20 for what I could do myself. Here’s a before and after pic. In one of them you’ll see I bought a mirror today for the next time I cut my hair.

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6 Responses to Little Lighter Today

  1. You did a good job on your hair!!

    3 bikes!! You sound like my husband!

  2. biz319 says:

    I still haven’t put air in my bike tires – so you are one step ahead of me! I agree, why shell out the $$ for a buzz cut? Nice summer cut!

    Hooray for trying Frank’s hot sauce on your pizza! Pretty soon you’ll try my beloved Tabasco!

  3. I am in the market for a bike as I’m currently riding my son’s which I don’t love! We got his fixed after his siter slammed into him on her bike!!

    Great job on the run – that’s a great time for 5 miles.

  4. Not a bad job with the hair!

    Nice run! Doing walking intervals in there is fine. That’s the Galway method, you know 😀

    • John says:

      I know but I’m a guy and guys can’t walk 🙂 Usually for 4 or 5 miles I never have to walk but lately I do so it sucks a bit!

  5. Jessie says:

    Nice job with your hair! I don’t think I could do it for sure. I’m guessing that now you have the mirror, you won’t be using the iPhone to cut your hair anymore? 😛

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