Run Smarter,Do Better?

Did you know if you run smarter you can run better? lol I did know that but it took a few weeks to figure out my “problem”.
My last two long runs left me feeling less than satisfied with my abilities. I mean I did the distance but my time sucked in my opinion and I walked A LOT in each one. So for a month now I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m not running as well as I want. I think I finally figured it out this week after my short runs. Each short run my first mile was slow and steady and the next 3 each got faster. So what was my problem? I think my pacing was the problem. I believe I was starting out too fast and that’s not good for 10+ mile runs.

Today’s 14 mile plan of attack:
1.Run the first mile slow and steady….1/2 mile in see the pace you’re running and run that pace for the first 3 miles.
2.If you got it in you pick it up for the next 3 miles. If that works pick it up for the rest of the run.
3.Finish with out walking if possible.
4.Wear your camelback knock off.
5.Run earlier….ideally starting when your HM starts.(9am)

How did it go:
1. I ran the first mile in 11:25 and was pretty consistent in running at that pace for the whole mile. I tried not to look at the Garmin much after that mile and just tried to run at the same pace and feeling as the first mile. 3 miles came in at 33:56 which is just slightly ahead of that first mile. Felt like my plan was working.
2. The next three miles I tried to pick it up to around 11:00/miles and ended up being 33:06 so again it was going well and I felt good. Mile 7 dropped in pace to 11:24 but that’s because I needed to take a leak. If it wasn’t for that my time for miles 7-9 would have been around 10:50/mile but instead it was 11:04/mile. My last 4 miles were hindered a bit by an unplanned stop at home and my mind giving up with just 0.07miles to go. I walked for about 10 steps before gutting out that last little bit. The unplanned stop at home I’ll explain in a bit. Miles 10-14 came in at 44:54 or an 11:12/mile pace.
I really felt I ran a good pace race and am amped I’ll be able to do the same thing in 2 weeks during my HM. Only I’ll be trying to pace it at a much faster pace.
3. I almost did this as I was just 0.07 miles from the end when I did. Luckily the HM is 13.1 miles and not 14! The washroom break on the road and stopping at home I didn’t count as the first is necessary and the last couldn’t be helped.
4. I remembered to get my camelback knock off out of storage last night. Luckily for me it wasn’t in bad shape as I was worried it’d be mold covered or something as I didn’t put it away dry! I thought it was going to be good but about a mile in to my run today I could feel what felt like little rain drops on my calves. I thought nothing of it and kept running. A mile later though I realized I was leaking water from my camelback after thinking it odd the only part of me sweating was under the camelback! So with the realization I wouldn’t have enough water to do my original running route I cut my out portion to 5 miles and decided to stop at home after 10 miles. There I would drop the camelback and grab a glass of water along with some money to buy drinks after the run. This took less than a minute.
5. I forgot to turn on my alarm last night so I ended up going out at 9:39am which isn’t too bad really.

After my run I walked 4 miles to cool down and work my legs out. My legs did not like me for the first 2 miles but after resting at my buddies for 30 minutes or so they were okay for the last 2 miles. However the last 2 miles my heels starting whining! I think it was a good idea to walk that much as I had no cramping after my run today.

I ended up catching up on some paperwork and watching the golf on TV for a few hours when I got home. I also finished catching up on everyone’s blogs as I got behind from being out all day Thursday. At 6pm I figured I had rested enough so headed out on the bike for a quick 10 mile ride to really work the legs out. This was going well till I was 1/2 a mile away from home. Then I struck a rock I didn’t notice and popped my front tire! I just had a new tube put in on Monday too! I don’t have any tools on the bike to fix it so I walked home. Being 1/2 mile away I would have walked home probably instead of fixing it there. It would be good race preparation though to do it out on the road πŸ™‚

Once home I grabbed my wallet and my bank deposits and started walking. The plan was to do the banking on the way out to 1 mile and then turn around for home. My legs and heels really feel good after all this confirming again they like to unwind with a quick bike ride after a long run. So why walk 2 more miles after the bike ride when I had to walk the last 1/2 mile of it? Well that’s so I could say I ran, biked and walked a total of 30 miles today, of course πŸ™‚ I worked out for 307 minutes burning 5154 calories and it’s only Sunday.

Before I go here’s a couple of things related to my last couple of posts:
1. Friday am I find a dollar when I get out of my car in the morning. It was probably mine anyways as I always park there.
2. I was thinking Friday that with how well Thursday went I should buy a lottery ticket. I checked it tonight and I won $20!
3. All good things must come to an end: Saturday morning my refrigeration on my work truck stopped working right. Turns out both fans that circulate the cold air on the back of the truck are toast! That will cost me about $700. I just hope they have them in stock at least so I can install them if necessary. Hoping they will be able to do it though so the plan is to get up earlier than normal and be there when they open so they can hopefully install them.
4. While checking my oil int he work truck yesterday also noticed there was a lot of oil on the engine! Hope that’s nothing serious!

Ok that’s enough I think πŸ™‚ See you tomorrow with the weekly weigh in. Good night or morning depending on when you read this rambling post.

I forgot to mention my time for the 14 miles. I ran it in 2:35.47 for an average pace of 11:07/mile

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  1. Nicole says:

    Awesome pace for your 14! I love the “I had to take a leak” – LOL! I wish I could just whip it out and take care of business when I needed to!

  2. Great run!!!

    Sorry to hear about the refrigeration and oil leak 😦

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