Weekly Weigh In #11

You are getting a break tonight. After last night’s rather lengthy post this one will be short and sweet. It’s 11:21pm now and I’ve been home all of 10 minutes now. This morning was an early one as I headed out early hoping to get my truck’s refrigeration fixed first thing this morning. I was lucky in that they had the new fan motors and they were able to put them in when I got there. The reason I just got home is after my deliveries I had to head to the mechanics for an oil change as it was a bit over due. While there they gave me a list of things that my truck needs done on top of the front brakes I knew about. Most of it is minor $$ wise but one thing will set me back about a $1000 or so…not good but what can you do.

Ok so on to the weigh in this morning. This morning I weighed in at 271.5 lbs. Now I’ll qualify it by saying 3.4lbs of this was water weight I put on the night before last week’s weigh in. So if you take that off I still lost 6.7lbs this week which is awesome! This also puts me just past 1/2 way to my “ideal” goal of 199lbs. 73.1lbs down with 72.5 to go.

I know this is getting long all of a sudden. Good night! 🙂
CW : 271.5 lbs
PW : 281.6 lbs
LTW : 10.1 lbs
LTY: 73.1 lbs

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6 Responses to Weekly Weigh In #11

  1. Samantha says:

    You seriously rocked that weigh in!! Way to go!!

  2. That is so awesome!!!! Good for you on the weight loss!!!!

  3. listedmal says:

    Congrats on making it halfway!

    I’m afraid of auto mechanics…

  4. Dean says:

    Congrats on the halfway point, and keep going even if the next half takes a little longer to get rid of (like in my case).

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