Bike is Cursed

It’s 11:49pm when I started typing this and I’m still 5 blogs away from being caught up again! Today was more of the usual from me. I got up at 9am and had a smoothie for breakfast like usual. Today’s ingredient’s list: 1/3c oatmeal, 1/2c yogurt, 1c green beans, 1 sc protein powder, 1c strawberries and 1 banana. Almost 2 hours later I headed out for my run.
Today I decided to push it right from the start today. I wasn’t sure I could run the 4 miles faster or even as fast as last weeks 37:35 but I was going to try. Of course I was ecstatic when I crushed last weeks time with 37:05! Splits today were: 9:55, 9:19, 8:51, 8:59

After my run I dropped my blown front tire into the bike shop then went and picked up my dad to take him to his physio. Just as I was leaving my dad’s after dropping him back home I got a call from the bike shop saying my tire was ready. So that meant I was going to try to squeeze in a 18 mile bike ride before my men’s night golf. The bike ride was going great. Even better than Sunday night. It may not have finished as strong as I started because I think I was going to have a headwind coming home. BUT I never got to find out because 11.29 miles into my ride my rear tire went flat on me!
It wasn’t a blow out like my front just all of a sudden I realize my bike is harder to pedal and see my tire flat. I’m really thinking this bike is cursed now 🙂

Lucky for me a poker buddy drove by less than 2 minutes into my walking home.He was kind enough to drive me home so I didn’t have to walk the 7 miles home. I dropped the rear tire into the bike shop and when I get it back I’m going to take a pic and try selling it. Then I’ll get my old bike fixed and hope to have no more problems. By the way I do know how to change my bike tires but they charged me a ridiculously low $5 so I let them do it.

Lastly for our men’s night golf I wore my heart rate monitor tonight. I wanted a true calorie burn as it’s not even close to the same burn as a normal 4some round. We have 6 guys playing and all taking our time on each shot. Sparkpeople had me burning 1100+ calories but my Garmin said 450. So that’s what I’ll use from now on. We did pretty well tonight shooting 6 under from the pro tees over 9 holes. The last hole our long hitter drove it then hit 3 wood within 3 feet of the pin from where he then putted in for an eagle. Wish I had the length off the tee because then my buddy would never win that plaque again!

Happy Humpday!

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9 Responses to Bike is Cursed

  1. Sounds like a good golf game!!

  2. In regard to the chia seeds … the pudding I made tonight is the only time I have ever soaked the seeds. Normally I just sprinkle and eat! I love the crunch!! Hehe!

  3. Jess says:

    Dude, those are some pretty SWEET split times. You are amazing in the fact that you run faster with each additional mile haha. I run slower. Maybe I should train like you.

    And sheesh at the cursed bike. Maybe it was just time to replace the tires? I need to get fitted for a bike this weekend and then start saving. I decided that I’m not going to wait until next year to do a sprint tri. Why not just do it sometime in September? Yes, that’s what my brain is saying right now 🙂


    And HOLY 10 pounds in one week! THAT IS AWESOME. I am super, super proud of you. Sorry it’s taken me awhile to get around to blog reading but MAN! That is AMAZING. Nice job!

  4. I don’t know how you find the energy to bike, run and golf in the same day. If I workout and clean my house in the same day I’m proud of myself!

  5. listedmal says:

    Sounds like a great day, other than the bike curse. My husband was a bike mechanic for about 10 years and he still lets the bike shop change his tires for him too, it’s cheap and if they burst a tube you don’t have to pay for it.

    As for Karen’s comment – I can totally see how when you start the morning being active, you have the evergy to go all day. Don’t you find that the more active you are, the more active you want to be?

  6. biz319 says:

    That sucks about your bike – luckily you didn’t have to walk your bike all the way home!

  7. So sorry about your bike! Your times are awesome. I love how you do all different kinds of exercise and still find time to have fun! (Not that exercise isn’t fun of course!)

  8. Jessie says:

    Nice job reducing your split times – that’s hard! I’m sorry to hear about your bike. Better tire luck next time?

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