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Well boys and girls I’ve done it now. There’s no turning back and no bailing out unless I don’t mind throwing money away.
I told you all a few weeks ago I was going to sign up for the Olympic Triathlon in July. Well that’s official as I signed up and paid this morning. BUT that’s not all! Not only did I sign up for the OLY but I also signed up for a Near-Oly. It’s actually the Barry’s Bay Triathlon but there distances are a bit off an Olympic distance tri. This one is 2 weeks before the OLY. BUT that’s not all either! Just 20 minutes ago I signed up for the Canada Army Run Half Marathon in September.

I would think now that I have signed up for 4 races I actually have a “race schedule”?! I mean one race next week doesn’t seem like a schedule to me πŸ™‚ I’m also contemplating signing up for a marathon which is in the evening on Sept.4.
I just can’t decide whether I want to go that long this year. I don’t know if I’d ever run a bunch of marathons like some folks but I think I want to do at least one to say I’ve done it. Here’s my schedule with the distances:

Race Schedule:
May 30,2010 @ 9:00am Half Marathon Ottawa Race Weekend
June 27,2010 @ 9:00am Barry’s Bay Triathlon~ 750m swim, 32km bike, 8km run
July 24,2010 @ 8:45am Graham Beasley Olympic Triathlon~ 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run
Sept. 19,2010 @ 9:00am Canada Army Run Half Marathon

In related news:
I’ve been waiting to get my bib # for my HM next week and I haven’t seen it yet. Today I went looking rather than waiting for the e-mail and found it. I’ll be running with bib # 7207. My only other HM I was like 10135 or something. Not sure if the lower number is based on my previous time or signing up earlier.

In unrelated news:
I spared for a friend’s team in our men’s golf league. They have teams playing 2 different nights. I played pretty decent but nicest thing was after 2+ years I finally won the closest to the pin contest. For winning I was able to pick up a nice dri-fit golf shirt worth $40. Only cost me $15 to play so good price for a shirt πŸ™‚ We also placed 3rd or 4th this week and combined with my own team last night tieing for first I’ll receive 2 more prizes next week. They just won’t be as nice as the golf shirt.

Question of the day: do you think I should sign up for the marathon in 15 weeks(Sept.4)?????

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7 Responses to Race Schedule

  1. Good for you!! You`re going to feel great after all these runs!

  2. Astrid says:

    Wow, intense workout schedule. You are truly motivated. I would say no to the marathon. Maybe plan one for after all of the other events, instead of in between. You should be so proud of yourself for all of the work you put in, I know that I am completely in awe!

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  4. Yeah!!! Two new races!!! You are going to be busy!!

  5. Dean says:

    Wow sounds like you have some serious training to do. I’ve been trying like crazy to hind a half-marathon to do before my full one in October, but can’t locate anything close enough to me. If you keep talking about triathlons I’m going to give into the temptation to try one myself, only thing is I don’t really have any where to practice swimming.

  6. biz319 says:

    Hooray for singing up! Now that the money is gone, you have to do it!

    I am with Astrid – I would do a race in October, but I’ve never run more than a 10k, so who knows?

  7. Nicole says:

    Marathon!? DO IT!!! That’s awesome, John! You’re such a super star!!

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