Been a Busy Boy

I’ve pretty much been on the go non-stop since I woke up yesterday. After waking up at 9am yesterday I ate my breakfast while watching Regis&Kelly. At 9:52am I was decked out in my running gear and headed to my parents place.
I decided to run there to pick up my dad for his physio. No I didn’t run him in! We’ve been using his pick up as it’s easier for him to get in and out of it with his new knee. My dad was a little surprised when I showed up running. 3 years ago when I first did it he was really surprised.

While my dad was in physio I went home and cut my grass. Darn second time I’ve cut my grass this year 😦 After taking my dad back home it was off to the golf course. A friend and I played 18 holes in 27C/80F weather. I played pretty well again but made a few mental errors to lose again. My friend tied his personal best of 87 though so that was another reason he won…he played well.

I had 1 hour after golf to go home and shower, get out the door and deliver 5 bags of french fries for a customer and get to poker in time to open it. I’m notoriously slow showering and getting ready to leave but I was lightning quick last night as I got to poker on time. I was so busy yesterday that I skipped actually playing poker to make sure I got my paperwork done for today. I kept hoping for an early end to poker but alas they just wouldn’t leave till I kicked them out at 1am. The only nice thing about it was they were tipping well and made some good coin.

That was Thursday. Today I was up and out the door at 7:30am because today was going to be extremely busy for my business. With this being a long weekend in Canada all my customers were stocking up in anticipation of a busy weekend.
I sure hope it’s busy because if it’s not Monday will be extremely slow! Today I carried by hand almost 2 tons of processed potatoes. I keep forgetting to wear my Garmin on Friday’s to see how many calories I burn doing this job.

After work I picked up my old bike from the bike shop. They didn’t have new rims in stock so they were only able to bang out the rims. They were a fair bit better but wouldn’t want to ride it much farther than what I did tonight. Tonight I rode 14.95 miles in 57:30 for an average of 15.6 mph. I was pretty happy with this as the wind was up again tonight.

What am I doing after posting this? More paperwork to get ready for tomorrow. Yes I work Saturday’s 😦 Then I will watch TV while trying to catch up on some of your blogs. I’m betting I won’t get half way through them as there’s a lot in my feed right now! Have a good night!

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2 Responses to Been a Busy Boy

  1. april says:

    Haha you are a busy bee! Don’t forget to sleep and eat!! LOL

  2. I have so many blogs to catch up on after my weekend camping, so I know what you mean!!!

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