Race Flashback

Good evening everyone. Not much happened today. I worked hard and then napped for 2 hours afterwards. I just got back from doing the laundry so really exciting read right? 🙂 Due to the lack of excitement I went back to my old blog and copied my first race report for your perusal. I’m hoping for a similar result and overall race experience next week.

I wish I could say I was caught up on my blog reading but I’m nowhere close. Hope everything is going well with you all!
Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hello everyone! I will now begin what you all have been waiting for..my first official race report! I have a feeling I’m going to use the exclamation point a bit too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Ok so you know how my only worry going into today was waking up in time so I didn’t miss it? Well I thought I had taken care of that by asking my mother to call me this morning to make sure I was up. No don’t worry I was up in plenty of time. But I never did get that wake up call. Good thing I got up in time.

I actually got up early today. First alarm was set for 5:50am but I got up at 5:40am. Since I was up early I decided to take the shower I didn’t expect to get. I took my time getting ready and headed out the door at 6:30am. I had an hour drive to Ottawa plus added time for parking. On the way there I had my breakfast/workout meal and downed close to 1 litre of water(33oz) before the start of the race.

Parking was a breeze probably because I parked further away than most. I put my Bib and timing chip on and tied my car’s door opener to my shorts drawstrings. And hoped my car didn’t get broken into for my wallet or cellphone which I hid in it. Once I was ready to walk to the start area I figured I better call my mother to wake her up as she was 39min late calling me. Well no answer! Great I wake up and arrange her surprise and they may miss it?!! Oh well I had a race to run!

Normally I don’t like showing up to early for anything but I figured with a potential 9000 runners doing the HM I better be there in plenty of time. I was probably 40 minutes early so I decided to walk around and see where everything was being that this was my first time at an event like this…observer or participant. It was not that interesting to me so I found a park bench and people watched till 8:15am.

At this time I decided to see if the port-a-pottie line was any better! What were they thinking having only 6 potties for 6-9000 people?!!!! I did not get in line. Instead I headed to the street where the race would start to find my corral. I must have told them when registering what I planned to race it in as I ended up in the 2:30 pace group instead of further back. I wanted to start in the 2:15-2:30 group but didn’t want any hassles so lined up as close to the front of my corral as I could. So while waiting 10 more minutes for the start I notice a Subway a block down and decide to go see if I could sneak into their washroom. LOL shouldn’t have wasted my time as their was a line to the door from the washroom.

Back to my starting spot I wait and talk a bit to one guy. Can’t remember what we were talking about exactly. Mainly the race and what we were expecting to run it in. I don’t remember what his goals were but admitted to him my goal was 2h 10min with anymore than 2h 20min being a bit disappointing. Yeah I know I only told you guys about the 2h20m goal. Didn’t want you all worrying too much about me potentially killing myself today 🙂

5 minutes to go we have a false start. All of a sudden the crowd starts moving forward and I could hear someone saying they could see them starting ahead. Yeah right. Now we had 5 more minutes of waiting while packed like sardines. Okay not quite that tight. When it did start and I finally crossed the start line my time read 8:36:??

Remember how I said I was going to keep pace using the water stations? Well that didn’t work as well as using the “K” markers(kilometers…we’re in Canada) and as it turned out it was good that I did because none of the water stations seemed to be where they were supposed to be.

For the following I’m using overall elapsed time as best as I can remember it.

K1 I ran in roughly 6mins so probably a bit fast. K2 was about 13mins so a bit too slow for what I wanted to run. But I reminded myself it was early and could always run faster later. K3 came in around 19:?? so I was back on pace.

I was already getting tired of seeing a distance marker every 1K so I didn’t go to the watch till K6 which seemed to be right around 40mins which was still on pace. I must say that I had never felt this good running through out this 6k and was just hoping I would continue to feel this good. One thing that worried me a bit was what I did when someone was in my way. I gave it some gas the first chance there was the slightest opening to get by them. I did this a lot and it worried me early that it may cost me in the end.

After the K6 marker I decided not to look at the watch till I hit the 10.5k? or 11k marker. No K10.5 so K11 it was….1:07:xx. This I figured was about 7 mins faster than I’ve been able to run it before so I figured I had a great time coming if I could hold on.

After K11 I was trying to figure out the next marker to judge my time. I decided on K14 and K16. K14 was 2/3 of the way through and K16 would leave me a 5K sprint to the finish 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t remember the K14 time but coming into K16 I realized my sub 2h10min time wasn’t going to happen. I do know that with K16 approaching I was able to figure out if I ran the last 5k in under 30mins I should come in low 2h10’s.

So at K16 I turned my watch to the stopwatch and hit start at the marker. And then race was on! I started passing more and more people as I went and was feeling great even though I just turned it up another notch or two! I don’t know where it came from today but I was feeling unbelievably great the whole race. Well except for maybe 20 seconds on one hill when I noticed a little something just below my left knee. Obviously nothing to worry about because I don’t even remember it after I realized it wasn’t much and it usually goes away.

K16-K17 I ran in 5:45 so I was under my new pace for the last 5k. K17-K18 I ran in 5:38 so I was really happy. It was around this point when I came across Travis from Greco Lean and Fit who was running the Hm as well. Until I had seen the back of his shirt I forgot he was running. I then was surprised that I was actually going to beat him to the finish line. When we run with our running group him and another lady in our group always are running faster than me and he usually makes it look so effortless. Anyways as I went by I got his attention by giving him a big thumbs up. He asked how I was doing and I told him I was feeling great and kept going. Here’s what the back of our shirt’s look like…fronts are plain.

K18-19 I started feeling like I may not be able to keep up the new pace but I still came in with a 6min K. Oh I forgot back around the 14K point my bib came loose from a second safety pin that was holding it on. So for the last 7K I ran with my bib in my hand. they really need better bibs for a day like today even though it was only sprinkling. Oh yeah the weather I forgot to tell you about the weather! Well the weather this morning was 11C( 50F?) and was threatening rain. It ended up sprinkling once in the first 2K but then let off till around the 8-9K mark where it sprinkled a little harder but was nothing compared to what I was prepared for. It may be one of the reasons I ran so well today. Much better to run in the cool then heat!

I was never so happy to see K20 as it was now starting to get hard at the pace I was running. I mean sub30 5K pace at the end of a HM when I had only ever run one sub30 5K before?!!! I got to the K20 marker with 23:?? showing on my watch so I knew it was doable but I was going to have to pick it up a bit. But then it’s the last 1K so obviously I had to anyways..lol.

You know leading up to this I follow a lot of your blogs and some others that I don’t or rarely comment on…… Well when I do I have come across some where they’ve said they break down at the end with the emotion/joy of the race and/or accomplishment. Well I must admit that when I was 300 yards away I almost cried thinking I had come so far since November and I was going to have a great race time on top of it. Probably would have if I didn’t hold it back. And it almost happened twice more…once as I crossed the finish line with me holding my bib number to my chest with both hands and once alone in my car on the way to lunch with the family.

Since I didn’t know the exact start time and didn’t know my exact finish time all I knew till an hour and a half ago was that I should have been low 2:10’s probably around 2h 13mins. I was extremely happy with it although 2:09:59 would have been sweet…lol.

So enough with the race what about my plan for my mother’s Mother’s Day present? Well it went well but it almost didn’t come off as well as it did. They did get to Ottawa in time even thought they woke up late. The problem was my Mom never opened the envelope I gave her till about 5mins before I crossed the finish line! She followed the map on the front of it and was close to the X that marked the spot but she wasn’t quite there. Once they opened it they were surprised I was running and then made their way to the finish line. The set up there wasn’t great though so they weren’t able to get a nice finish line picture. My brother got one of me through the fence as I was waiting to get rid of the chip. Until we can get some official pics online this one will have to do…..

I asked my Mom if she had her choice of knowing 2 weeks ago what she was seeing today or finding out the way I let her what would she have preferred? She said she preferred what I did and that she was impressed and proud of me. She was happy and I was happy she was and with my race. My grandparents were also happy and proud. And also happy they arrived a week early to see it in person. In their 70 something years they hadn’t been to a marathon or let alone have a grandson run in one.

So everything went great today. The race and my mom’s surprise. And better yet my Grandfather picked up the bill for lunch so I saved money not paying for me and my mother’s lunch! Ok no he said i could treat her another time so I’m still on the hook 🙂

Well I’m sure there’s more things I will want to blog about but right now I have to head out to my parent’s for burgers and pinochle now. I’m already late!

OK I guess I better post my results now? You don’t want to wait till tomorrow? I made my mother wait 16 days for her Mother’s Day gift 🙂 OK you win…..
Search Results

Place Name City Bib# Time Chip Pace Category
5304 JOHN JR. FULLER Renfrew 10136 2:19:06.9 2:12:24.0 6:36 Men 35 – 39

Category Place Gender Place
516/583 2851/3335

2:12:24 got that feels good to say! Ok really I have to go now.

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  1. Erin says:

    That is absolutely incredible–congratulations! Now, go relax and enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂

  2. Astrid says:

    I am so excited for your races. You have been working so hard. This is going to be a fun week and weekend for a few of us! I am going home to Massachusetts and then to New York to see my dream musical. Cannot wait!! Hope you had a good Sunday.

  3. modestkini says:

    I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.

  4. April says:

    My hats off to anyone who completes a mini or even a 5K for that matter. I’m chicken…

  5. Marion Hagan says:

    Very awesome read. Truely!

  6. porno says:

    I’ve just subscribed to your RSS feed. I love your posts.

  7. BiliTerner says:

    Вообще, откровенно говоря, комментарии тут гораздо прикольней самих постов. (Не в обиду автору, конечно :))

  8. TriCarata says:

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