Finally Dove In

Well technically I jumped in as you aren’t suppose to dive in the shallow end of a pool πŸ™‚ That’s right, after 5 long weeks of avoiding it or unable to attend for various reasons, tonight I finally went swimming. As well as I’m doing cardio wise from running and biking swimming is at another level still. Tonight I settled on swimming one length of the pool freestyle and then swam back mostly on my back but not using the back stroke. I would try kicking my way back while on my back and would use my hands and arms under water to both keep me afloat and help pull myself through the water. There’s probably a swim term for this but I’m drawing a big blank. It wasn’t too bad but it would probably be a lot better if I could learn to swim with my head in the water. Oh well baby steps right?

It was pretty hot here again today. It may not be hot for some of you but for our area when it hits 34C/93F for 3 days in a row it’s unusually hot, especially in May. Luckily for us a thunder and lightning storm blew in around 4:30pm. The rain knocked the heat out real quick and actually stopped long enough for our men’s night golf. I was hoping to get in an easy bike ride tonight but decided to go grocery shopping instead. Smoothies just aren’t the same without yogurt in them and I’ve been out of yogurt for over a week!

I’m going to end it here as I’m not really feeling the writing tonight. I’ve tried rewriting some of it but still doesn’t seem right. Maybe it’s the chlorine from the pool affecting my noggin πŸ™‚ Anyways have a good night and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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7 Responses to Finally Dove In

  1. 34C is HOT!! We haven’t reached those temps. yet, but we will! A swim is perfect when the weather is like that!

  2. biz319 says:

    John, I am actually checking out a gym today that has a pool – albiet an outdoor one, but how refreshing to swim during lunch!

    Did you read about my 101 Days of Summer Challenge? Basically just chose a goal (even one you already have) and we just check in once a week to see how the week is going.

    I have 14 participants so far – I am hoping we can be cheerleaders for each other over the summer!

    Let me know . . . happy almost three day weekend!

  3. Nicole says:

    I’m terrible at swimming! Join Biz’s challenge with me!

  4. I actually don’t put my face in the water either, because I wear contacts and even wearing goggles, I still get water in my eyes which is not fun.

    If I swim, I do the breast stroke (except not put my face in) and then back stroke on the way back.

    Good for you though a pool work out is great exercise!

  5. Good luck with your swimming. You’ll get stronger quickly.

  6. When I started swimming last year I couldn’t believe how hard it was!!But after a summer of consistently swimming I got faster and faster. I was still really slow compared to other people, but fast for me!

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