HM Race Goals

As you can see in the pic I’ve got my race day gear all ready. Well actually after I took that pic I added my Garmin to the pile. And now I’m heading to get my bib,timing chip and bib belt. Be right back……….

Ok back..whew that was close 🙂 I don’t know when I’ll hit the hay but I expect it’ll be by midnight. Figure I should get at least 6.5 hours sleep for the big day. Before I head to bed I thought I’d post my race goals. They’re a little more ambitious than my first HM but I’m feeling a little more confident. I’m honestly not sure I saw enough reason in my long runs to be this confident but the heck with it here are my goals:

A++ : sub 2 hours……this is a pipe dream for this race but I can dream right?
A+ : sub 2:05 (avg. 9:32min/m) this is my most sought after which will be pushing it I think
A : sub 2:12:24…..this would be a personal PR for me if I could beat this time
B : 2:12:24 – 2:20….this would be disappointing but still a good day seeing as how I took 3 years off
C : 2:20+ pretty disappointing but will try to act happy if I finish it strong 🙂

Based on my previous time I was placed in the 2:00-2:15 corral which is being sent out in the first wave at 9:00am. This should make it easier this time because last time I started one corral back (and near the back of it) and had a lot of people to try to get around as I ran. Hopefully the run/walkers will be a little more courteous as well and not stop in the middle of the road. One time I came across a group of 6 run/walkers and they were stretched across the roadway making for a long detour when you just want to go straight through! Oh well it was still a good time and I ran a good time so I did enjoy the last one. Hoping to enjoy this one just as much!

Ok that’s it folks. Those are my hopes and dreams and thoughts for tomorrow as of now(9:45pm). Good night and sweet dreams. See you tomorrow night with the race recap!

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7 Responses to HM Race Goals

  1. Michelle says:

    Good luck with the race! I know you’ll do great 🙂

  2. Good luck with the race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. good luck on your race this weekend! your drive is impressive; keep up the good work!

  4. I’ll be thinking of you! You will do awesome!!!

  5. Best of luck on reaching your goals. I’m impressed that you are running a HM, regardless of how long it takes. Looking forward to hearing the details.

  6. biz319 says:

    Hope it went well! If all else fails, you at least ran the race and weren’t sitting on the side lines! Looking forward to the race recap!!

  7. Good luck – can’t wait to read the recap!

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