Swimming is Exhausting

Was I ever tired tonight! I just woke up from a 5 hour nap! Today like yesterday I was having a hard time staying awake towards the end of my day. The only real difference in my days has been the swim practice the last two nights in a row. So I’m chalking up my exhaustion to the swimming as I’m eating at the high end of my calorie range. Next week shouldn’t be so bad as I plan to swim Monday and Wednesday nights. With a day off between swimming I hope I won’t be as tired after the second night. Even though I was tired I busted out a 15 mile bike ride in 53:07 for a 16.9mph average before falling asleep.

I ran my last short run before my HM. I was originally going to run it slow but my legs kind of felt off so I decided to kick it up a notch or two after the first mile. Including a washroom break I ran 4.1 miles in 42:36.24 for an average of 10:23min/mile. It was a bit of a risk not running slower but I felt more confident that should I feel the same Sunday morning I’ll be able to get through that feeling. After my run I didn’t do anything till 4pm when I had to go to my dentist appointment. I couldn’t even read very many blogs as I was falling asleep. Again I attributed it to the swimming. So needless to say I’m way behind on my blog reading….again!

For those of you that have been following me since I signed up for the HM you may remember I was trying to fundraise $250 so that I would get my HM entry fee back. Well I really didn’t try very hard at this and yesterday I was $39 short. I was figuring I’d donate $39 if I had to so I’d still be up some money but I didn’t have to. When I got to the dentist I hit up my sister-in-law’s sister and my dentist. After their donation I only had to pony up $5 to reach $251.
It was nice that the dentist donated $20 as I donated $285 to him last night šŸ™‚ They fixed up a cracked canine tooth and patched up my front tooth that they had fixed last year.

From the dentist I headed to the Race Expo to pick up my race kit. I wasn’t planning on spending any time there looking around but before I knew it I was closing the place down. I didn’t realize it till after but either there was NO swag bag this year or I missed that booth! If it wasn’t for a few booths there all I would have left with was my bib and timing chip. OH and my HM tech shirt as well. I was thinking of wearing it Sunday but it’s a dark blue and if it’s warm Sunday it won’t be as cool. Besides those things I picked up a couple of magazines, one of which I subscribed to for two years. I signed up for TRIATHLON Magazine Canada as it should be more suited for someone living in Canada šŸ™‚ If it turns out to be a dud magazine it’s not a big deal as it was only $29 total for the 2 years. Other than the 2 magazines the only other things I got for free were many protein drink samples, electrolyte drink, gels and capsule samples and a Power Bar.

I was really glad to get the samples as I forgot my dinner at home so it filled my up. I also got something else and actually ended up eating it on the way to swimming along with my Power Bar. For the first time this year and probably for the last time I had some potato chips….ooops. I grabbed the “slightly salted” rip-l version which weren’t too bad nutritionally for a 43g bag. They were 220 calories with 110mg salt. The biggest thing wrong with them would have been the fat as it was 12g. I liked them but not enough to worry about relapsing and going nuts with potato chips again.

Because I ended up closing down the expo I got to swim practice late. By the time I was in the pool I was 14 minutes late leaving me only 36 minutes to swim. I basically did the same as the night before but was able to add in a few 50m laps. I am going to try to slowly add in the endurance by adding longer laps each swim. With 3 minutes to go I decided to try swimming 4 length or 100m no matter how long it took me. I managed to survive and it took me 2:08. So if I don’t improve in 4 weeks my first triathlon swim of 750m will take me approximately 16 minutes.

Well I think that’s all I’ve done for the last 2 days so I’ll leave it there. Tomorrow night I plan on posting my race goals.

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  1. You just reminded me … I probably should be picking a race package up for my race on Sunday – oops!

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  3. Swimming is tough. Whole body workout, you know?

    I look forward to reading your race goals!

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