Biz’s 101 days of summer challenge!

You know I could almost start this post with “Good Morning Everyone” as it’s 11:50pm now. I had every intention of posting this oh, about 5 hours ago. The only problem was I fell asleep for 5 hours instead! I didn’t feel tired at all today but maybe I was still on my runner’s high from my HM yesterday? Nice thing about falling asleep is that I couldn’t change my mind and go swimming tonight. I had every intention to swim tonight but as the day went on my quads were starting to say “hey I worked hard for you yesterday and we want the night off!”. I listened and took the day off completely. No biking, no swimming, no running, no walking, just slept.

Ok so most of you have come to expect my weekly weigh in today but I’m delaying it one day this week. There’s two reasons for the delay. First since I knew I wouldn’t be eating the healthiest for my post race lunch with my mom I wanted an extra day to shed any water weight I might gain. Second reason is that I usually weigh in for my monthly challenges review and that is tomorrow so I figured I’d just wait a day and do them both at the same time. So tomorrow night I’ll post this week’s loss. It just means this week’s weigh in may be a bit better with the extra day and next week’s may be a bit less because I lose a day…….big deal!

Now on to the main part of today’s post. Biz from “Biggest Diabetic Loser” has started a challenge for herself and anyone who chose to join. I’ve decided to join and my challenge will be to seriously train for the full marathon with my likely goal date being Oct.10th. I realize that’s longer than 101 days away but my main challenge will be to not let a cry inducing long run to derail my training for a marathon. 3 years ago I was almost bawling on my cool down walk home and talked myself out of training for it anymore rather than figure out a way to do it without pain. So Biz’s challenge will hopefully keep me focused if that 17 mile long run turns out to be a killer again 🙂

Now you don’t have to train for a marathon to join this challenge. Here’s what she said:

” So here’s the deal – who’s with me? My plan is to have each participant come up with their own goal – whether you break it down weekly, monthly, or just a total at the end. Every Saturday I would ask that you send me an email at and let me know if you were successful or not. I’ll post a recap on Sundays with everyone’s successes! This does mean that my regular posts will probably dwindle to just Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I do plan on having a “101 Day” page that will have my own individual progress.

Here’s the big deal though . . . I plan on taking a “before” picture for all the world to see, stretch marks and all! If I am willing to do that, you can at least join in the fun! What do you think? Any suggestions?”
The challenge started today, Memorial Day and ends Labour Day. I just committed myself this morning so I’m betting if you were quick she’d let you join still. My first day of the challenge was to recuperate from the HM. Either tomorrow or Thursday will bump up my short runs to 6 miles from now on and this week will work out a long run plan to start this Sunday. My long runs for the next 6 weeks will be a bit eradict because I have 2 triathlons coming up but after that they will be pretty steady.

Ok that’s it. Good luck with your challenges if you care to take it on this summer!

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8 Responses to Biz’s 101 days of summer challenge!

  1. Jess says:


    I just finished reading your post-race recap and man that is awesome! PR-ing by almost 4 minutes! My goal for my half is to run it under 3 hours.

    I’m super, super proud of you. And good for you (and your body) that you gave it a day off because you EARNED it. Seriously. GOOD JOB JOHN!

    Keep it up. I’ll be running my first marathon in November so we can keep each other motivated. As far as triathlons go, hoping to do my first sprint in October. I need to get my hands on a decent bike though. Will go bike hunting when I return to DC.

    You rocked May and I know you will rock this new challenge. Stay strong.

    • John says:

      No worries Jess. Reading your posts I know you’ve been busy. Thanks a lot for the kind words. I’ll be happy to survive the new challenge 🙂

  2. Maybe I would like running more if I experienced a runner’s high 🙂

  3. biz319 says:

    John – I have another guy participant!! His name is Al and he hopes to be under 400 by July 4. I’ve added him on my last post so you can check out his link . . . and I may have another guy participant by the end of the day!

    • John says:

      That’s cool! Didn’t matter either way just didn’t realize it was only me for awhile. I’m heading out for my first marathon training run in 40min 🙂

  4. Yeah John!! Glad you are joining the group!!

    Yep, Biz and I are twins actually, she’s 30 minutes older than me!

    I’ve done 2 marathons, so if you have any questions about training, what to expect, etc… I’d be happy to answer any questions. My e-mail is

  5. Ameena says:

    I just found your site and I have to say that you are so impressive! Triathalons and marathons…good for you. I’ve never done one and likely won’t due to knee problems so I am always impressed with people who have enough endurance to handle these things!

    • John says:

      Thanks Ameena! Not trying to be impressive but not against being called it 🙂 I just find if I have another focus besides losing weight it helps to lose weight.
      We have a history of knee problems ion my family so I’ll keep doing and enjoying these endurance events till mine give out on me 😦

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