Weekly Weigh In#13 & May Challenges Review

This stretched out a little longer than planned so let’s get into it:

1. CUT OUT WHITE DEATH: This continues to go pretty well overall. However I must confess to breaking on the sugar front. Three times in May I had some sweets! Now it wasn’t a lot but I can’t claim to have avoided them this year anymore šŸ˜¦ The first cave in was 14 butter toffee candies that I had from my Xmas stocking last Chrstmas. Every once in awhile I’d think I should throw them out but kept them as a battle of willpower. Holding out for 4.5 months is pretty good I think. The other 2 times I was getting my work truck repaired and I bought 3 of those peppermint patties out of those charity candy jars. All in all I think it wasn’t too bad. The biggest battle I have is with salt and as usual I had 5 days where I went over the daily recommended limit of 2300mg. 3 of those days were when I ate out with family so not bad considering only 2 days I did it on my own šŸ™‚

2. Exercise 1 HOUR/DAY for 6 days/week: This goal has been changed twice since I started and I think I’ll change it one last time. Originally it was to walk 1hr/day and then morphed into it’s current format. In it’s current form I did not manage to do this each week as many weeks I took 2 days off. However for May I worked out 23 days and I got in 2388 minutes of exercise. This works out to an average of 539 minutes a week or 77min/day. For the 23 days I did work out it’s an average of 104min. So from now on I’m going to just push for a minimum of 6 hours/week and if it’s only over 4 or 5 days then so be it. The main thing is to get out there exercising and burning calories!

3. STOP EATING OUT unless(I have a very good reason): Continues to go well as the only time I ate out on my own this month was 5 or 6 work days but I only bought things I normally would buy when grocery shopping and didn’t have in the house at the time. When this happened I was getting tired of my smoothies so needed a break. Other than that I ate out 3 times and all were family events which are acceptable in this challenge. For any latecomers to these challenges this particular one came about because I use to eat out EVERY SINGLE MEAL and needed to curb that both for my personal and financial health!

4. CLEAN MY HOUSE EVERY WEEK: Almost total failure again but I managed to do a bit of yardwork last week and get a bunch of piled up recycling thrown out. I’m slowly coming around and maybe by the end of the year I’ll get to say I had a total success for at least one month šŸ™‚

5. START A SAVINGS FUND: An unexpected truck repair and buying another bike kept this from happening. Till the truck repairs came up I was on pace for saving even after buying the bike but the truck repairs nixed this. June saving won’t likely occur either as a routine oil change found another big unexpected repair and some minor maintenance items. The big repair will likely cost me $1200-1500 this month while the minors will be around $3-500……oh joy šŸ˜¦ lol

6. STOP PLAYING ONLINE POKER: Total success as Iā€™m never wanting to play online. Barely interested in playing live!

Again I had another good month on the weight loss front. I’m really glad I decided to include the first 3 challenges when I started this as all three in unison are really helping me drop the weight and get healthy and fit. In 5 months I’ve managed to drop 81 lbs! Three years ago it took me 7 months to lose a similar amount. It wasn’t looking good at first but I did manage to lose at least 14lbs like I had wanted to in May. I ran the HM 1/2lb lighter than the first time! OR SO I THOUGHT as I discovered when I changed my calendar to June that 3 years ago I actually weighed probably another 5lbs lighter when I ran my first HM. Oh well just makes this year’s HM even better when I realize I was heavier this time and ran faster!

to lose at least 14 lbs again so that July 1st I weigh 249.9lbs or less. I don’t believe I’ve been that low in at least 20 years!! Also 3 years ago in my last big weight loss attempt I never got past 254lbs and I only weighed that for 2 days if I remember right. Kind of lost motivation around there….NOT THIS TIME!!!

CW : 263.6 lbs
PW : 266.5 lbs
LTW : 2.9 lbs
LTY: 81.0 lbs

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13 Responses to Weekly Weigh In#13 & May Challenges Review

  1. april says:

    I think you are doing awesome!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. I think you are doing great! If you were 100% on all goals, then you didn’t push yourself far enough.

  3. You are doing so awesome!!!

    You only had sweets 3 times in the whole month – that is crazy impressive!!!!

  4. April says:

    Great goals John! White death LOL!

    Once you’re doing cardio you may as well keep going for an hour right? You’ll feel better once it’s done…we always do.

    ONLINE POKER! My hubs plays that as well. Too bad you can’t do that on the treadmill šŸ˜‰

    • John says:

      The owner of the place I use to work out 3 years ago called it white death. I think he’s right and it’s stuck with me…..well when I care like I do this year. Last 2 years I didn’t care much and was overdosing on white death!

  5. You are doing a great job with this whole journey! I am so impressed with your control over sweets.

  6. You really are working on all aspects of your life. I wish you continued success.

  7. Hi, found your blog through Biz. Great goal and great job on the numbers!

  8. biz319 says:

    You are doing amazing John! Sorry about the car repairs – both my husband and I have cars with 112,000+ miles on them, knock on wood they’ll be fine all summer!

    And those few amount of sweets, I souldn’t sweat it at all. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me! šŸ˜€

    • John says:

      Thanks Biz, for the most part I try and keep the pedal to the metal! My truck has 200,000miles on it now so won’t get any cheaper to keep up šŸ™‚ Sweets are a trigger so I try and avoid to help curb relapse!

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