Back to 100%

It’s funny how your body works sometimes. Sunday you’d think if I suffered any during my HM I’d feel it that day. Not the case this time as I didn’t feel it till Monday and it continued through to last night. Finally today my quads are quiet and the rest of my body is feeling 100% again. Just because my quads were trying to mutiny didn’t mean I took yesterday off exercise. I started off with swimming yesterday at noon. I really didn’t expect much more than last weeks attempt which was swim freestyle down and slowly swim backwards back. Some how this time I felt good and swam for the entire 36 minutes I was there. I mean steady freestyle down and back non stop for 36 minutes! A couple of things helped keep me going when I started to run out of steam. First was reading Jess @ Half of Jess knocking out 800m and second was the guy swimming next to me……I was lapping him and I don’t swim properly. I haven’t been able to get myself to swim with my head in the water yet.

After the great swim I went home for lunch. An hour after that I headed out for my first run post HM. I was thinking I could probably skip it with my quads not loving me but I said “suck it up buttercup, we’re running!”. Ok that’s a total lie I didn’t say that but I did say the heck with it I’ll bust out a slow 4 miles if that’s all I got. Not surprisingly that’s all I managed and I was fine with it. I ran 4 miles with a 50sec walking break at 2.26 miles in a total time of 43:40 for an avg. of 10:55/mile. I walked 1.25 miles afterwards to cool down and then went straight to my men’s night golf. That was a tough 9 holes of golf. Every step I took my quads wanted to kill me. I walked slow and made it through though.

I was happy to wake up to no discomfort in any part of my body. I didn’t do much today for exercise as work went long and then I was sparing for men’s golf again. Can you believe that they started with out me tonight after I wait for an hour 2 weeks in a row for them? I had it so I told them that was it. Besides Wednesday’s are busy enough without sparing for another golf team when we’re actually in direct competition!

I wanted to skip swimming tonight but I didn’t. I managed to get there just in time for the start and swam for the whole 50 minutes. Well sort of as I swam 25m repeats. I wanted to swim non stop but my lower back for whatever reason wasn’t liking that idea. I tried a few times to try different lengths to train for endurance but in the end swimming 25m every minute was what my body would accept. So the last 30 minutes were 25m repeats meaning 750m. The 20m before that I really have no idea what I was able to do. Depending on how I feel I may go again at noon tomorrow.

That’s it that’s all! Going to bed now!

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10 Responses to Back to 100%

  1. April says:

    Way to push through! Sometimes it’s the best thing to do.

  2. *In my best Mom voice* Have you been stretching really well after your workouts? You do such a variety of activities, it’s so important to keep your flexibility too.

    • John says:

      *In nicest son voice* No mom I……never do. Usually only when something bugs me. Maybe should have made that my summer challenge?!

  3. A HM really takes a lot out of you, and I am not surprised you felt it later than usual. When I did my duathlon, I felt great the next day, but I felt fatigue for a few days after that.

  4. congrats on completing your 1/2 marathon and your persistence to start training for a whole one! glad your body is back to normal. and way to keep it moving!

    • John says:

      Thanks Kenzie! I have to keep reminding myself I’m not crazy for trying the full again after giving up on the first attempt 🙂

  5. Wes says:

    I need to go back and read you HM report…. I’ll find it. Total Immersion has some drills you can do that will help with keeping your head in the water. You basically kick on your side with one arm out, one goggle in the water, one out, breathing the whole time. This helps with your balance. Make sure your practice on both sides. Once you get the hang of it, switch mid lane by putting your face in the water and rotating to the other side. Once you get the hang of that, do the drill with your face in the water, and only rotate to either side to breath. No need to rush, no need to panic. Stop and stand up if you need to. No rush 🙂

  6. Glad you felt strong today. Great job on the swim – I don’t mind putting my head in the water, but I am still really, really slow. It’s okay with me though because I’m still exhausted when I get out!

  7. Glad to hear your body is back to 100%!!

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