Darn Knees

Good morning! It’s not often I’m up early enough to post before heading out to work. For the last month though I’ve been up with my alarm clock and sometimes earlier. From past experience I know the healthier I am the more that happens. I thought I was 100% going into yesterday but I forgot about my knees and yesterday’s workout reminded me. Now today my left knee is a bit sore when I get up from a sitting position and I can here it grate when I go up stairs…..not a great sound 🙂 Obviously I’m taking today off exercise and probably more if necessary.

Here’s what I did yesterday though. In preparation for my marathon I’ve upped my short run on Tuesday’s and Wednesday to 10K from now on. I may make it more depending on the marathon plan I finally settle on. I pushed it on my run and finished the 10K in 58:58. I didn’t think my knee was sore after this run so I must have made it worse on the bike ride afterwards. At 3pm I went out for a slow and easy bike ride for 20 miles. I followed the plan and did just that completing the 20 miles in 1:18:23 for an average of 16.1mph. This 2.5mph slower than my best ride so far. If I didn’t think my knee was sore before I knew it during the ride home. Too bad I decided to go out and back because that meant I had 10 miles to home!

I was contemplating swimming a third day in a row yesterday. However I wore the wrong dri-fit shirt yesterday and ended up with bloody nipples during my run. Won’t be wearing that shirt for a run again! When I got home my nips were still bleeding when I was trying to clean up. I wasn’t sure if they’d stop before I got to the pool and wasn’t sure if they’d allow me to swim so I just passed on it. Bloody nipples have been “knock on wood” my only chafing problem the last couple months and luckily just the third time so far.

Ok I better go to work. Have a good day!

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9 Responses to Darn Knees

  1. listedmal says:

    I barely up early enough to make it to work on time….

    I didn’t realise the chaffing nip problem that men have until I started running with my husband, and quite frankly, I feel bad for you guys. I know how much a little chafe can really hurt, so somewhere sensitive really sucks. You need bandaids, or lubricant. Ouch!

  2. Nicole says:

    Major OW to bloody nipples! My husband wore bandaids over his nipples during his last 1/2 marathon. He said he didn’t think he would “survive” if he had to live through bleeding nipples. Wuss. It’s a right of passage into distance running for guys, I feel. But, I’m not a guy…what do I know 🙂 You have gotten SOOOO much faster on your runs, John…it’s amazing! Be very proud!

  3. biz319 says:

    It’s funny, my knee was hurting when I wasn’t working out, and not that I am the pain is completely gone!

    You should invest in these:


    They are life savers for male runners! 😀

    • John says:

      I had been putting off buying these because I wasn’t having a problem(well twice). I’m hoping it was just the material of this shirt. If it occurs again with the other shirts then I’ll be investing for sure.

      Yeah quite often exercise will strengthen your knee. I’m not sure what I did….pushed it too much in the HM?

  4. Knee issues, bleeding nipples, this marathon training is not for the weak!

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