Definitely Infected!

Good morning again folks! My knee is much better this morning thankfully. Now when I get up from a seated position or walk up stairs it doesn’t hurt at all. I just looked up my fitness minutes on my Sparkpeople account to find out I had 473 minutes not counting my 2 men’s night golf outings this week. Because of this I’m definitely going to take another day off exercise.Depending on the weather I may golf this afternoon but golf doesn’t have the same effect on my knee as running and biking does so I think that will be alright. I’ll play it safe though if it acts up as I don’t want to be layed up longer than today with a lingering knee issue!

Now you may have thought based on the title of today’s post I had come down with a cold or some horrible disease but I haven’t. In a way it’s worse as what I do have could cost me a lot of money and/or hinder marathon training. What I have been hit with is an urge to do more and more races! I keep having the urge to do more races than I already have lined up. The biggest problem with this is if I don’t choose carefully it could screw up my marathon training. Anyways right now I’m leaning towards running a 10k next either on Father’s Day or Canada Day(July 1). More than likely if I do it will be the one on Father’s Day as I think my business will interfere on July 1st. I’ll let you know what I decide.

Have a good day!

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  1. Ahhhh, you have the race bug!! Fun!!!

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