Day Ended Tough

Hello, how’s it going? Things are going well here. For me at least. My friend however not so well. Today when I went to golf with him I found out some not so great news. Turns out his wife is leaving the house. No not for another guy and not even because she doesn’t love him anymore. It’s because she’s not doing well herself mentally. For the last 2 years she’s been dealing with her daughter(from former marriage) not doing so well. Her daughter is diabetic and didn’t treat herself properly for a long time and 2 years ago started paying the price for this as before death comes she’s looking at a leg amputation soon. This has been the cause of some great pain for my friend’s wife and on top of that unbeknownst to me he’s also been drinking pretty heavily. This drinking has had her feeling like she has to watch him too and also he’s obviously a different guy when drinking. Well all of this has led to her deciding for them to get themselves “fixed” she needs to leave right now. He’s just found out this week how bad she’s been and is obviously stunned and worried about his marriage and financial issues this raises(how long can he keep the house on his own salary for example as she will be paying for her own apt. for a while at least). All day I just tried to point out all of the positives in this and tell him he basically has to fix himself(stop drinking,etc) while waiting for his wife to fix herself while dealing with her daughter’s situation.

You could tell it was really taking a toll on him today when we were talking. The friend I’m talking about is the one I play for a plaque every year. Because I could tell he wasn’t into the golf really at all except for a bit of an escape I told him at the end this game didn’t count in our little competition. I just couldn’t take the win with him not really being there today.

After the golf was over he wanted me to go to dinner with him. His money situation being potentially taxed a great deal this week he wanted to go fast food. I finally agreed and went to Subway with him. Like when I eat with my family I didn’t bother trying to eat “right”. We both had a foot long meatball sub but I had water with mine. Wow is there ever a lot of calories and salt in one of them! 1160 calories and 3060mg of salt! We probably talked another hour while eating dinner. He hasn’t been sleeping well so I told him to take his sleeping pill and turn on the hockey game and try to relax tonight. It’ll be bittersweet if the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup this week as he’s a big fan.

I hope this came across right as there was a lot of stuff discussed today so I tried to hit the main points. I know I can get going and forget points or put them out of order…..yeah I re-read my own posts occasionally and I have a hard time following where I was going πŸ™‚

So before all this happened I went for a run this morning. Since I’m training for a marathon now I decided to run 10 miles today basically using my past HM training as part of my marathon training. Next week I’ll be going for 16 miles before shutting it down basically for a month while doing my triathlons. While running today I paid special attention to my knees ready to shut it down early if I had any indication they were hurting again. Luckily my only problem was with my left heel today as usual. That’s more to do with the fact I played a late 18 holes of golf last night followed by another 18 today after my run. I’ve figured out some of the heel abuse is from carrying my clubs on my left side too much and standing on my heels while waiting for people to shoot. So every round I’m trying to remember to carry my clubs across both shoulders and stand with more weight towards the ball of my feet.

For the stat geeks out there I ran the 10 miles in 1:45:2x for an average 10:32/mile.

Ok I think that’s it. My day started out good with a run and then ended a bit tough helping my friend get through a rough time right now. Hopefully tomorrow he’ll feel a bit better when I see him at his work(I deliver to his place). I’ll see you all tomorrow night with my weekly weigh in!

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3 Responses to Day Ended Tough

  1. Hope your friend gets some sleep and a fresher perspective on everything. It was good of you to be there for him.

  2. Oh no, I am sorry to hear about your friend. That is really tough 😦

  3. Nicole says:

    That’s so sad…thoughts and prayers your friend’s way, and his family’s. No one should have to go through that. This is why I take my insulin resistance so seriously…diabetes is no joke.

    Awesome run, John! πŸ™‚

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