You’re NOT Going to Die!

Quite the post title,eh?! Well that is the truth and that has been my Mantra since I ran my Half Marathon last week.
During that HM I realized early on that I was running faster that I ever had on my long runs during training. This had me worried I should back off a bit. But this was 3 miles in and I was still alive. It may have been pushing my previous comfort zone but I realized “I’m not going to die so keep it up”.

Last night I spent 50 minutes trying to learn how to swim with my head in the water. For 50 minutes I kept repeating my mantra every time I chugged in water instead of air….”You’re Not Going To Die!” This morning was my speed run and right from my door step I pushed myself. Into my 2nd mile I was doubting my ability to keep the pace up and with stand the discomfort but I kept telling myself ….”You’re Not Going To Die!”

In the end I got better at the swimming because I kept at it. After a walk break this morning at mile 4 I got back on my speedy horse and cranked out my fastest mile in my last mile. You have a lot more ability and endurance for discomfort than you think and you know…… ….”You’re Not Going To Die!”

Until I find a new mantra I’m going to keep using this one as it’s been very useful and motivating. I knocked 2:04 off my 10k time this morning. I’ve included a pic of my run splits as I haven’t figured out how to transfer my Garmin info to a post yet. I’ll leave a interesting part of today for tomorrow’s post as I have to head back to the pool again!

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3 Responses to You’re NOT Going to Die!

  1. Haha, that is what I should be telling myself when I run 🙂 I always think my heart is going to fly right out of my chest!

  2. Love the title!! It’s a nice reminder that my exercise routine or trying to get myself out of bed to work out i’snt as difficult as i pretend it is sometimes!

  3. Schlecht says:

    Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

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