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Good morning folks. No I didn’t get up early to post this today. I’m writing this after a very busy day at 12:30am. More on what I did today later….ok Thursday as it is now Friday I suppose :-)What I wanted to write about a few days ago was “bike fitting”! It worked out well though I didn’t get around to it till now. That’s because I finally got a ride in on the new fitted bike.

So why get your bike fitted? From my own limited knowledge there’s 2 reasons: improved performance and injury prevention. My main concern was injury prevention as last week my knees were sore after a ride. I had also ran that day so I can’t be sure it was the bike alone. Tuesday I drove to the city (Ottawa,Ont) to a place called Cyclelogik. They charge $60 for bike fittings. I had plans of taking a before and after picture of me on my bike but of course I forgot
that! What they do is put your bike on a trainer and have you ride for a few minutes. Just like going for new shoes they watch you to judge where you need help.

For me they raised my seat 3′” , moved my seat forward 1-2″, lowered the front of the seat .5-1″ , raised my handlebars a bit and then installed my aero bars. Of course in the process I had to get off the bike a few times and ride it a few more till he was happy. When he got to the aero bars he noticed something I should have…they were installed UPSIDE DOWN by the previous owner. No wonder I couldn’t use them! All of this took just under an hour. They said shoes and new pedals would run me around $250 but decided not to get them installed. I only have 2 TRI’s and may not ride much after that till next spring.

Fitting Result: Awesome job and I’m really happy I spent the money. Today I rode 25 miles in 1:27:xx for an avg speed of 17.1mph. What was awesome:

I forgot my gel seat cover and my butt wasn’t as sore as before when I did have the cover.
It was windy coming and going yet I didn’t feel as discouraged as I usually do heading into the wind.
Heading into the wind my lowest mile was 15.4mph….Monday it was 12mph!
My hands were not sore at all today as I was in the aero position for about 95% of the ride.
My knees are fine and there wasn’t even a tweaking of them like Monday.

There may have been other things but that’s all I remember right now. If you haven’t got your bike fitted it’s well worth it in my opinion. Here’s a pic of my ride:

my bike - Giant OCR3


9AM….I was wet all day today and it wasn’t all due to the rain! I started off with a 10 mile hill run this morning in the rain. Man am I dedicated ๐Ÿ™‚ This went really well as I ran it in 1:45:04 for an avg. 10:30/mile pace. I wasn’t even trying to run that fast but I did. This is encouraging as the marathon I’m thinking of running is supposedly hilly. I walked a mile to cool down as well.

12:05pm….An hour after my run I was in the pool. Wet again! I decided to do 25m repeats on 45 seconds. Figured another day of learning my new swim technique wouldn’t hurt. Next week I’ll see if I can do it for a prolonged distance. I thought it went better today as I chugged very little water ๐Ÿ™‚ I also almost always had 15 seconds rest between lengths and sometimes as much as 18. I was 5 minutes let getting there so 45 minutes of this works out to 1500m today.

3PM….2 hours after leaving the pool I went for a 25 mile bike ride. I mentioned the results above. What got me wet on this ride was the threat of rain. I didn’t want to get caught in it so I wore a windbreaker….a glorified garbage bag. Well whether you wear it in the rain like this morning or on your bike ride when it doesn’t rain you’re going to get WET! It’s just that it will be your own sweat soaking you to the core. The 2 shirts I was wearing today are still drying they were so
wet. After my ride I ran half a mile to get used to running off the bike and then walked another 1.5 miles to cool down.

Ok that’s all I can think of so I’m going to hit the hay. Hopefully you all have a good day today!

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5 Responses to Bike Fitting

  1. That is a snazzy bike! When I buy a new one, I am going to have it fitted and the whole shebang.

    Nice swim ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Hope you have a great day too! Love that bike and all your exercise. I really need a bike. I’m using my son’s and it is not a good fit for me.

  3. Jess says:

    Hooray for getting your bike fitted! I need to 1) get a bike. 2) Get it fitted. Can you do both at the same time? Or do you do one before the other?

    Educate me!

    I would like to get clipless pedals though. Read that it’s better to be part of the bike. And I mean, I’m pretty certain if I invest money in cycling, I’ll stick with it. Seems fun and I need to cross-train with the running.

    Glad to hear tri-training is going well! KEEP AT IT!

    • John says:

      If you aare buying new a good bike shop should fit it for you too as part of the bike cost. If you’re buying used you should talk to them and see what size of bike you need. Then when you are looking at used you won’t waste time and money like me getting the wrong bike.

      Bike size is most commonly based on the seat tube(tube the seat post goes into). I was told mine might be slightly bigger than I need but it’s better to go bigger than smaller!

      I want the clipless but just have some other things that I need to spend the money on first!

  4. Nice bike!!!!!

    I hope you had a great weekend!

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