Resting Up

Miss me? I really didn’t have much to say last night so I took it off. Honestly don’t have much to say tonight either šŸ™‚
I had thought of biking 20 miles after work today but decided I could probably use another day of rest for a couple of reasons. One to recuperate more from Thursday’s 288 minutes of exercise and two to be fully charged for tomorrow’s run!
Tomorrow morning I plan on running 16-17 miles. Yeah I know it’s kind of crazy. Ok so maybe it isn’t but a lot of people I know think I am.

Anyways if I can manage 17 tomorrow with a lot less difficulty than 3 years ago than I’m going to commit fully to training for a marathon. If it’s similar to my try 3 years ago then I will wait till after my OLYTRI in July to try again. So that’s it. Just wanted to commit myself to the run by announcing it here. I hope to have good news for you tomorrow. I hope!

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4 Responses to Resting Up

  1. I hope your run tomorrow is successful and fun! I couldn’t do it!

  2. Good luck on your run John!!! That’s awesome!

  3. So … do you have good news!!!!?

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