Decision Sunday

Boy am I tired! So the deal was if I could run 17 miles without crying I would officially sign up for and run a marathon. Well I didn’t actually cry 3 years ago but I wanted to πŸ™‚ This morning at 8:56am I headed out for my biggest running challenge yet this year. I couldn’t decide on how to get the miles in today but I’ll save you all the possibilities and skip to what I did do. What I decided to do on the run was to run my “10 mile block” and then head back out for another 7 miles but that run would be right through the town. The reason for running the full block was the fact that a nice cool breeze hit me in the face at the 3rd turn 4.5 miles or so into the run. It was humid and starting to get warm so figured I might as well run into the wind as much as possible.

The first 10 miles went pretty well with me averaging around 11:00/miles. I had to pick it up with the last 5 miles to get that average. I had run around 11:30/miles for the first 5, part of which was due to a pit stop around the end of the 3rd mile. When I reached home I made another quick pit stop and grabbed some change so I could buy some fluids on the go.
As I was leaving I grabbed 2 bottles of fluids I left on my car. For the next 2.5 miles I drank a bottle of water and a bottle of water mixed with my amino acid endurance mix.

Starting around 11.5 miles in I was thinking I should start incorporating a run/walk or I may cry at the end πŸ™‚ So after my Garmin chimed out 12 miles I walked for 1 minute before resuming my running. The next mile if I wasn’t watching I could have been hit twice with people not paying attention to where they were turning or trying to beat me to the turn. I ran fairly well for miles 13 and 14 but the heat was getting up there so mile 14 was slower at 12:08/mile. My walk after 15 miles I extended to a little store where I bought and chugged a 500ml chocolate milk. This stop made mile 16 the longest at 13:36. It was tough but after a 1.5 minute walk going into mile 17 I finished strongish with the last mile being 11:31.

Unlike 3 years ago I had the run end at my house. I went inside long enough to find $5 to buy more fluids on my cool down walk and to change my shoes. After 17 miles it felt like there was just no more cushion to them. Or maybe it was my feet with no more cushion left πŸ™‚ Less than 2 blocks from my house is a corner store where I bought a 1L chocolate milk. I wanted a smaller one but they were out. The reason I went with chocolate milk today is research says in a pinch it’s a good replacement for a protein drink for immediately after a workout. Of course while at the store I had to wait in line and then my hamstrings and some other parts were screaming at me so I started shuffling my feet and walking around in circles till I got served. I didn’t care what they thought!

For my cool down walk I thought I’d really test out my body after the run. I ended up walking 2.2 miles however I really tested my legs as I took a 15 minute break on a bench before heading home the last mile. I wanted to see how my legs were after a sit down rest. They were pretty good though and got home without crying or any desire to cry…woohoo! πŸ™‚
I will not lie though that the whole walk home I’m wondering why I want to run a marathon. However an hour after I got home for good I reported to Biz at Biggest Diabetic Loser for her 101 Days of Summer Challenge and this is what I wrote:

“Good afternoon Biz,

Why did I make my challenge training for a marathon? I guess I have to sign up for one now after today’s run.
I had said if I could run 17 miles without crying then I’d sign up. Well today I ran 17 miles and was just about tempted
to cry only once but that was during the first 1/2 mile of walking to cool down. After 2 miles of walking I was feeling a lot
better than 3 years ago when I ran 17 miles. My only problem is although I believe I can do the marathon now part of me
actually is wondering why I want to run 26.2 miles πŸ™‚

A deal is a deal or I guess in this case a challenge is a challenge so hopefully by next report I’ll have official entry into
a marathon for you. Got to go golfing now…….leaning towards renting a cart πŸ™‚


So yes it’s on. I’m going to hopefully sign up for a marathon by the end of the week(need to see if I have room on the credit card). I will be continuing my short runs of 10k speed Tuesdays and 10 mile hills Thursday for the next 4 weeks but my long runs on Sundays will be shortened to 10 miles max till after my last triathlon on July 11. I’m just glad I have time to lose a few more pounds before I have to try running 20 miles or more πŸ™‚

Yes you read right I did go golfing today. I didn’t have to but I did anyways. I was thinking of renting a power cart but in the end decided to bring my pull cart and walk. Figured it would be a good test of my legs after my run. So 2 hours after I got home from my run I was teeing off for 18 holes of a little better than average hilly course. 6.3 miles later I was finally done. I beat both my playing partners shooting 95 to there 97 so it was a really good day.

17 mile run: 3:13:3x for an average 11:23/mile
2.2 mile walk: 45 minutes…I wasn’t in a hurry!
6.3 miles of golf: 3:56:10

Calories Burned/according to Spark People
Run: 3867
Walk: 265
Golf: 1839
Total: 5971

Calories Consumed
Calories: 3,034
Fat: 78
Carbohydrates: 469
Protein: 159
Sodium, Na:1,492
Fiber, total dietary:41

Ok I got to go now as I have an hour of paperwork I must do for tomorrow. Sweet dreams! πŸ™‚

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  1. WOW!!! Good for you for deciding to sign up for a marathon!!! Great 17 miles too!!!!!!!!

  2. you are nuts! but you’re going to be so strong after you complete it! good luck, keep pushing yourself.

  3. Nicole says:

    That’s great! 17 miles is tough stuff!

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