When Will The Madness End

Ok I was pretty happy a few minutes ago. Now not so much. I hit post and WordPress lost my post!$##$!$

I could hardly believe it myself so I had to give you proof tonight. I don’t know how but for the second week in a row
I’ve knocked over 2 minutes off my 10k run. I wonder if I have anything left in the tank for next week? Any bets if I can break this time next week? 🙂

Since I’m unhappy about having to rewrite this post I’m shortening this post. After the run I cut the lawn, talked for 2 hours with my dad causing me to miss my bike ride, went to men’s night golf(9 hole team game) and then swam for 36 minutes. After just 3 days this week I’ve exercised 811 minutes and burned 9863 calories.

I was expecting a couple of you to suggest I wasn’t eating enough and that’s what happened. Thank you as I was looking for confirmation I should bump my calories. I track my fitness and food on Sparkpeople so I bumped my cardio time on SP to 2hrs/day and they bumped my calories 550/day. They now want me between 2480-2830 calories. Today I ate 2806 and am not craving food tonight, hungry or not. Working already?

At Karen’s suggestion I posted a question to her “Ask a Trainer” page and will hopefully get another opinion on what I should be eating for the amount of activity I’m doing. When I do I’ll post my question and their answer here. Ok that’s it for tonight. Hopefully this goes through this time!!!!!

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9 Responses to When Will The Madness End

  1. Wow that picture is impressive. Great times. I definitely agree that eating more food is necessary given the amount of exericse you are doing. Food=Fuel

    Have a great day! (Sorry about your post – I hate it when that happens!)

  2. Nicole says:

    I agree, the calories sound better now 🙂 I just never like to be bossy, ya know? 😉

  3. Thanks for the shout out. Your question will be sent to the trainers and hopefully they will have some good insight for you.

    It’s weird that you lost your post. That’s never happened to me, but I know others who use Blogger have had the same problem. How frustrating.

  4. You burn SO many calories!!!! You are totally motivating me to want to pump up the workouts!! I can’t wait for my summer off … hopefully I will get into a good routine.

  5. Wes says:

    Great work, John. I didn’t realize you were turning into such a speedy peep. That takes hard work and perseverance. You must be very proud. Running the same deficit every day is the way to go I believe. To do that, you have to be anal about calories in and calories out. Do you use a HRM to track the calories you burn? The Garmin does that, right? Great work!! Keep it up!!

    • John says:

      I don’t wear my HRM that much. Although not very(or at least as) accurate I use SparkPeople for tracking my calories burned from exercise. I’m trying not to be too anal about the calories in/out deficit per day. Try just for the week more as I’m trying not to burn myself out going too far with the tracking.

  6. That stinks that your post got lost! That’s so frustrating!

    AWESOME job on the exercise man!! I am totally kicking up my work outs now and I can already see a difference!

    You are inspiring with all your exercise!!!

  7. Biz says:

    Wow – great time John! And I’ve had that happen too – I hit publish and it just vanishes!

    811 minutes . . .my exercise program is pretty lame compared to that – keep up the great work!

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