Golf Weekend

What a great way to end the weekend. This afternoon was a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze to keep things from being really warm. What do you do with nice weather like that? Well if you’re like me and my buddy you go play some golf. This is the same buddy that a few weeks ago told me of his troubles with the wife,her daughter and his drinking. I found out today he’s still off the drink and has been to AA twice now. His sister flew in last Monday to help him out and he said that was a major help too. He seemed a lot better today so I didn’t let him count this match as an exhibition again. I played my best golf in 2 years shooting a 83 which easily could have been better. I now lead the race to 9 for our plaque at 6-2.

After working yesterday I played a round of golf with a couple of other buddies. After yesterday’s round you’d never expect I could shoot a 83 today. I know I didn’t! Yesterday I’m guessing I shot in the 110’s as I stopped counting after 7 holes. It was brutal to say the least. I now trail one of these guys 7-6 now.

You’d think maybe after waking up at 4am, running at 4:50am, working and finishing golf at 9pm I’d go home and get some rest! But no that would be too smart 🙂 Instead I headed to a guy’s house to play poker. I probably shouldn’t have as I need a lot of money for some truck repairs Tuesday morning. I bought in for $100 and that ended up being enough as I was patient and waited for the hands to come. The biggest mistake I make playing poker is not leaving when I first think I should. I could have went home up $295 but in the end left when the game broke and left being up $80. I hate giving them their money back! Oh well in the end the extra $80 paid for my golf today, the gas to get there and a nice shirt I bought last night and I still have $18 to blow 🙂

Ok I think that sums up my weekend pretty well. To end I’ll leave you a copy of the e-mail I sent to Biz @ Biggest Diabetic Loser. The e-mail was my week 3 report on her 101 Days of Summer Challenge. You can check out all the challenge participants by clicking on the 101 Days link.

“Hello biz,
Well there’s no turning back now! I’ve just paid $130 to run a marathon Oct.10. I will start marathon training again after my last triathlon on July 11. For this past week I did my last long run of 17 miles last Sunday and then my fastest 10k yet on Tuesday at 54:52. And then Thursday I ran 10.6m and walked 2.5 miles of hills. Yesterday I ran 6.2 miles at 4:50am instead of doing it today. This allowed me to play poker till 3am today and sleep in till 11:30am. First time I’ve done that for 2 or 3 months!

Think that’s it. Hope you all are happy now that I’m signed up. If I die doing this marathon I’m blaming you all for the peer pressure 🙂 I sent proof of my entry to Biz so you know I’m not snowing you 🙂

Oh while I was typing this I’m watching the final round of the U.S. Open…..can’t get enough golf right now…lol.

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3 Responses to Golf Weekend

  1. I don’t understand how guys can watch golf on TV … is it bad if I would rather watch paint dry? 😉

  2. Nicole says:

    Isn’t Biz’s challenge great for accountability? 🙂 You’ll ROCK that marathon! Sorry about the golfing and the poker…here’s to a better start to the week! And glad to hear your buddy is doing better, that’s great!

  3. Mallory says:

    You and my husband would get on great! He played two rounds of golf with his dad this weekend, while I lazed at the cottage and went swiming with the dog.

    Have fun watching the Open…snoooozzzee, lol.

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