Weekly Weigh In #16

Well you all were right. I wasn’t eating enough for the amount of exercise I was doing. A week of eating 550 more calories each day has resulted in me dropping 7.4 lbs! Guess my body was holding on hard till it got the nutrients it needed. I just have to remember when I go back to a “normal” amount of exercise I’ll have to adjust my calories lower so I’m not gaining weight. However, I can’t see my exercise going towards normal till after my marathon in October.

As for my new current weight: it’s 1.1 lbs lower than my lowest 3 years ago when I last made a big push to lose weight.
My goal for June was to weigh under 250lbs by July 1st. This is now looking very possible after a slow start to the month.
I’m kind of hoping to lose 8.3 more pounds which would mean I’d have lost 100lbs in 6 months. Not expecting to be able to do that though as I only have 10 days left 🙂

This week is taper week and I’m tapering too well so far. Today ended up being too busy to get in exercise after work and tomorrow I have to take my truck to the city for repairs. Tomorrow’s repairs will have me in the city all day as it’s supposed to take 6-8 hours 😦 Nice thing though is my brother is off tomorrow so he’s going to pick me up and we’re going to go….yeah you guessed right….golfing!

CW: 252.9 lbs
PW: 260.3 lbs
LTW: 7.4 lbs
LTY: 91.7 lbs

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6 Responses to Weekly Weigh In #16

  1. Congratulations! Isn’t it amazing how eating more is actually better at times?

    • John says:

      Yes it is! Just wish I hadn’t forgot it and sorted of wasted a week or two. Well not waste but you know what I mean.

  2. OMG – that is a lot of weight to drop!! Good for you!!

  3. I often end up eating more than I planned to (my 1500 cal per day looks more like 1600-1700) when I exercise just because I’m so damn hungry.

  4. Nicole says:

    Holy. Cow! WOOO! That’s awesome! Glad you weren’t too stubborn to listen 😉 You certainly NEED those extra calories, mister! Great job!! So close to 100!…6 months or not, it’s happening!

  5. biz319 says:

    Great job John! While its hard to think that eating more will help you lose, that’s exactly what happens!

    Have fun golfing with your bro!

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