So Much For Catching Up Tonight!

How’s it going everyone? Overall things are good with me.
I had plans of catching up with everyone’s blogs tonight while
I take it easy resting for my triathlon tomorrow morning.
However my Internet connection went down this morning! So I won’t be catching up till next week sometime.
I wonder what else can happen to slow things up around here?!

Race goals for tomorrow’s tri:
750m swim….18min max
32km bike….68min max
8km run…..50min max
T1&2….4min max(total)

Overall time goal: 2:14:59 max

Wish I could write more but this is tiring writing this on my iPhone. Have a good weekend!

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3 Responses to So Much For Catching Up Tonight!

  1. Best of luck with the tri tomorrow – Rock it!

  2. Good luck on your tri!!!!!!!!!

  3. biz319 says:

    Hope you did well on your tri! Can’t wait for the update!!

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