Speedy Gonzalez

Yesterday was Canada Day here which was a holiday for most. I had to make one delivery in town then I was off for the day. Didn’t matter much as I always have Thursdays off! To start the day I did my usual and I ran a 10k as I wasn’t going to have time for a brick workout. I’ve been following Jess over @ Half of Jess for awhile now and she’s been trying forever it seems to run a mile in less than 8.5 minutes. She finally gave up on it and then finally pulled it off a week ago Wednesday by running 1 mile in 8:21. So after seeing this I’m thinking okay I have to do this too as if a girl can do it so can I 🙂 (JK!)

Short story is I thought my first mile would be my best chance to break the 8:30 and then later in the run thought I’d see if I could do it again as I wasn’t sure if the first mile was successful as it was that close. Nice run on sentence,eh?
Here’s photographic proof of my results:

see how little I broke 8:30/mile on the first mile...lol

Now that I accomplished that I’ll either wait for Jess to break 8:00/mile or will try to beat her to it 🙂

After my run I made my delivery and then headed to the golf course. The course we played was offering a Canada Day Sizzler deal which was 1 round of golf, a power cart and lunch and another round of golf for another day for $60. This was just the second time this year I rode a power cart and it’s only because it was part of the deal. Heck if I can walk 18 after running 17 miles you know I didn’t do it cause I was lazy 🙂 Wish I could say the golf went well but it didn’t. I just absolutely sucked! Couldn’t do much of anything all day. Hopefully the next time I play there I bring my golf game!

From there I celebrated Canada Day by watching TV and relaxing. AMC has a John Wayne movie weekend going so I watched a few of them while catching up on blogs. As of 7:30am today I was fully caught up on all the blogs I follow!

As for today construction, holiday traffic and a busy work day added up to me not getting a bike ride in tonight as planned. Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll get it in as I’m golfing Sunday and may only have time to run. Tonight for the first time in my life tried on contact lenses. Main reason for this is I’m tired of not being able to wear sunglasses. Yes they make clip ons but they suck in my work as they end up falling off a lot. Yes they make prescription sunglasses but they cost $300 roughly and I don’t want to put that out right now. Besides what if they’re stollen or lost? So tonight for $20 I got trial lenses and $25 more picked up some sunglasses at Walmart. What do you think? Be honest!

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3 Responses to Speedy Gonzalez

  1. biz319 says:

    Looks good to me! I love my contacts – I actually buy the daily ones so I throw them out at the end of the day and have a fresh pair each day.

    Hope you have a great weekend! I am sure your next round of golf will be better!

  2. Astrid says:

    How awesome that you ran a mile in less than 8.5 minutes (twice)!! I have decided that I don’t particularly enjoy running. I enjoy weights, yoga, intervals, but not straight running. My boyfriend got a new driver yesterday and is super excited to go out and play with it.

  3. I think the sunglasses look good!

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