Race Condition Training

Boy it’s been a warm one this weekend. I’m sure it’s not as warm as some other places but for our area it’s warm. Yesterday and today it was 90-92F and it’s looking like the same this week. So what’s a guy to do when he has some training to do? Wake up early and do it? Wait till late evening? No of course not, you do it like normal and get ready for the race next weekend!

After work yesterday I geared up and headed out on my bike for a 25+ mile ride. I was kind of hoping for an easy one but the wind was brutal as for the first 5 miles I was lucky to average 14.5 mph. Due to the wind I changed my route and the next 23 miles went much better. That was till the last 5 miles when I had to turn into the wind to get home. The last 5 miles were as bad as the first 5. I was only able to average 14.5 mph again. In the end I biked 33.16 miles in 2:00:08 for a 16.5 mph average.

After the ride I dropped the bike and headed out for a quick 1 mile run. Since I planned on running tomorrow like usual I just ran 1 mile for brick work. Figure it doesn’t hurt to keep getting use to running right after the bike. I ran the mile in 9:08 which I was pretty happy with. Overall I was happy with my ride and run and am feeling confident if it’s this warm next Sunday I should still have a good result.

This morning I had the idea I would try to run 10 miles in my best time yet with an eye towards 1:30:00. However no more than 1/3 of a mile in to the run I realized it wouldn’t happen today. Why? Well my legs were pretty tired after yesterday’s bike ride and it was warm! I never did check what the temperature was when I started but when I got home it was 80F at 11:45am. So when I realized it wouldn’t happen I decided to run at least 6.8 miles where there was a country store to buy fluids. I’d decide after that whether to run more or just walk the 3.25 miles home.

I was prepared to walk home when I got to the store. However some folks there shopping thought I was nuts running. So of course that and a chocolate milk rejuvenated me so I ran another 1.2 miles for 8 miles total. I could have run the last 2 but I decided not to push it as I was dripping sweat. I did the 8 miles in 1:25:20 for 10:39/mile and then walked the last 2 miles in 31 minutes.

You’d think that’d be enough but no not for me. After that I showered and headed to my buddies town to golf. This being a holiday weekend the roads were busy. I don’t know how but there was an accident 10 minutes into my trip. Bright day, open , straight stretch of road and someone puts their car in the ditch?! Oh well onto the golf. As I’d mentioned I haven’t played well this week and the start of today’s round was no different! 4 holes in and I was down 5 strokes but it could have been 8 if not for a bad shot by my buddy on 4. I kept the deficit at 5 till the 7th hole when I finally made 2 nice shots in a row for a 1 foot tap in birdie! My buddy thankfully πŸ™‚ took a triple so it was game on being only 1 down.

From there on it was a see saw battle with each of us taking the lead and coughing it up. We went in to 18 all tied up.
Most of the time I lose a stroke on 18 as he has the length that I don’t. Somehow though he managed to really screw up his second shot opening the door for my 7th win. Even if I hadn’t won it today I was going to be happy as I finally found most of my game. In the end though I did win and almost guarantee my winning the plaque again. The series is 7-2 now so he has to win 7 more before I win 2 more. Anything can happen though so we’ll see.

Ok I think that’s enough. Probably some crap you didn’t want to know but too bad πŸ™‚ Hope you all had a good weekend and survived your July 4th!

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4 Responses to Race Condition Training

  1. If you aren’t ready for that race then I don’t know who will be! You are amazing with all your exercise. Whenever I ride my bike I always think about people (like you) who run after riding. I am impressed!

  2. Good job on running in that heat!

  3. Okay, now I feel like a wimp for complaining to myself yesterday when I took a 30 minute ride in the heat and wind. It was FAR LESS than 25 miles. I had to call on my inner Lance Armstrong to get me through.

  4. Nicole says:

    I am catching up, too πŸ™‚

    I am the same way about training in the heat. It kinda blows…but if you prepare, no reason to change your schedule to run around the heat! Nonetheless, very difficult! You are intense and I love it! Inspiring!

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