Been Away Long Enough

Hello everyone! After taking a few days off from blogging to rest and recuperate I’m back. I’d like to start off by thanking everyone for your comments and wishing me well! I seriously looked much worse than I felt but I do very much appreciate the concern. Thank you!

I missed most of you that stopped by today via Caitlin’s blog @ the Healthy Tipping Point. If any of you made it back today….Thanks for stopping in and feel free to comment on anything you read! Yesterday she wrote this post that ended with a great Safety Reminder to wear your helmet! It’s already convinced another of her readers to wear one so I’m glad my accident will help out at least one other person avoid serious injury in the future!

I’ll admit I still never really thought my helmet would be needed when I started wearing it after Caitlin convinced me too. Was I ever wrong! The biggest single thought running through my head when the accident is brought up is “I am so glad I was wearing it as I could have been a lot worse off!” The helmet doesn’t look like it was hit hard at all but it is slightly damaged. Also I don’t remember part of the crash so it’s very possible I did get quite a knock on the head. That or I just didn’t want any nightmares and have blocked it out. The part I don’t remember is from when I realized I wasn’t going to get the bike back under control till the point I’m sitting on the pavement stunned thinking “how did I get on the ground already?!”

I had thought of giving you all the full day’s details and previously planned day before the accident changed those plans but I’m just not up to it right now. I’m also thinking 3 days later it probably doesn’t matter much to you anyways 🙂 So here’s just a few of the more important details:

After the accident I was planning on biking to the hospital 🙂
For some reason I waved down the 3rd car I saw to just look in their mirror to be sure it was possible to bike.
That car was the only one I tried waving down…..the couple were both paramedics! What luck!
I was fine the whole time after the accident except for about 3-5 minutes after they sat me in their van. I guess the
adrenaline had worn off and I was extremely queasy and was worried I’d pass out but didn’t.
Since I didn’t pass out and the queasiness passed they drove me to the hospital because 911 couldn’t hear our location as the cell reception sucked.
The worst part of the day…that I can remember was the doctor jabbing me multiple times to put freezing in my chin.
Best part…survived another trip to a hospital or dentist’s office….I have a tendency to lose my lunch there 🙂

For those of you interested I’ll end with a list of my injuries from head to toe. The ones that still hurt have a * in front of them. These mainly hurt when I touch them or something touches them. The ones with *** are really sore when touched!

My injuries:
cut between eyebrows
cut to bridge of nose
small scrapes on right side of nose
road rash on right cheek bone
jagged cut below right side of mouth
*bruised right chin
sore neck
small bruise on right shoulder
*sore right shoulder joint when moved
scrape on left arm below elbow
even smaller scrape on right arm around elbow
*gouge in right palm just below pinkie
small scrape on top of left wrist
*gouge on knuckle of left index finger
*gouge on knuckle of left middle finger
small cut just above the knuckle gouges
*gouge out of left palm
blood blister on tip of right pinkie
bruise on right thumb
*bruise just above right knee cap
***road rash above left knee cap
road rash on left knee cap
***road rash just below left knee cap

Remember to wear your helmet!

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11 Responses to Been Away Long Enough

  1. annie says:

    So sorry to read about your accident!! Hope you feel better and have a good weekend 🙂


    – a new fellow blogger

  2. I am sorry to hear that you got hurt, however I do hope that this helps others realize the importance of helmets! I am glad you shared.

  3. Nicole says:

    You’re kidding – 2 paramedics!? You must have had a 4-leaf clover around, that is wonderful. I can’t even comprehend that many injuries at once. SO glad you’re okay, buddy!!

  4. That is insane that you flagged down 2 paramedics unknowingly – miracle!!

  5. oh wow! this is really awful! Good for you throwing in a couple of smiley faces in the post… I’d be really jostled up! The pictures look rough. I had a friend last year break his leg in a biking accident–it can be really dangerous.

    I’ll admit I didnt wear a helmet when I lived in copenhagen because they have bike lanes and I was only riding 10 mins at a time to class, no one wore helmets, and it was really tame. But if I ever rode around in the states, were there aren’t specific lanes for bikers, I would definitely! be in a helmet.

    Glad you’re ok!

    • John says:

      You know that bicycle accidents can be caused by the rider and not other drivers and obstacles?! So that means like me you should wear a helmet!
      I never thought I would need one but turns out I did and the accident was my fault ! 🙂

  6. Wow! Glad you’re ok. That soft gravel is serious stuff. Feel better.

  7. biz319 says:

    Even though I look dorky, I never ride without my helmet. Just take it easy this weekend John! 😀

  8. I should have better inventoried my recent injuries like you did! And the road rash pains lingered a lot longer than the other injuries did! It sucks when we have to be the momentary poster child to remind people of doing things properly, but if it helps… guess it’s alright! Keep healing!

  9. Jessie says:

    I’m so glad you’re feeling a little better – that’s quite a list of injuries! Thanks for using this terrifying experience to remind other to wear their helmet. It’s the single most important thing to do when riding a bike.

    Get lots of R & R!

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