Race Goals

Since I won’t be deciding which triathlon to do till later this morning I leave you with 2 different race goals. I like to do these so that you know what I’m thinking going in and we can both look back and see where things went well and what didn’t. I’ll keep this short as I need to get some sleep so I’m not yawning through my tri 🙂

Olympic Triathlon Goals:

1500m swim and transition: 39:01 which is what I did it in 3 years ago. I have only been training for the swim for 6 weeks and the first tri proved I’m probably at the same old pace. I’d be happy between 38 and 40 minutes.

40km bike: 1:20:00 which is 18.75mph. I had one training ride that I averaged 18.6mph so I’m hoping to improve upon this just a bit. My memory says this route is easier than my last tri so really hoping for a good time. I’m also hoping my recent crash doesn’t affect me mentally

10k run and transition: 57:00…. transition is simply running the bike to the rack and switching my helmet for a ball cap so this won’t take long. If it’s as hot when I start running as the whole week has been this won’t go as quick as I’d like.
2 bricks found my run come in at 57 minutes so I’m hoping for no worse. My best time ever just for the 10k is 54:52 so I’m hoping to come in faster than 57:00

Total Time: 2:59:59 at the worst! If I come in over 3 hours I won’t be too happy as I really think this time I can break 3 hours. If I really do well I’m thinking I can come in around 2:50:00- 2:55:00

Half Ironman:
Since I’ve not put in the proper training 🙂 these times are based on the training I did do and readjusted for the longer distances. I’ll simply give times for this as I really don’t know what I’ll experience body wise when I hit the run after 4 hours of swimming and biking and I still have to run a half marathon! Of course this all means nothing if I play it safe and don’t move up to this race!

2000m swim and transition: 45-50 mins
90km bike: 3:00:00 – 3:20:00
21.1km run and transition: 2:05:00 – 2:20:00
Total Time: if everything went extremely well I think 6 hours give or take is possible but more than likely closer to 6.5 hours is more likely since I haven’t put in the training.

See you tomorrow night with my race report.

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6 Responses to Race Goals

  1. Jan says:

    Wow both of those events sound amazing. Good luck!

  2. Jessie says:

    I think goals are a great way to keep on track and have a guide to shot for. I hope your tri went well!

  3. Both of those are amazing goals!!!

  4. Wes says:

    I hope your race went well!! Sorry to hear about your bike crash. That always sux…

    • John says:

      I don’t know if you’ll want to read my report. Somehow a lot of smiley faces made it into my report again! Forgot I wasn’t suppose to enjoy this one 🙂

  5. i cant believe you ran a triathlon today after your accident! way to get back on the horse and ride (or run/swim/bike)….what is the order of events anyways?

    love that your setting up for more challenges! I was thinking of doing a “sprint” triathlon november or next spring. I think Im in OK shape, but haven’t run 3 miles in quite some time and dont know if i could do it all together without passing out. Good luck!

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