Who is that guy? aka: Weekly Weigh In #19

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments over the last 2 months. Today to my recollection is the first time I heard “Who is that guy?”. I was delivering to my friend’s workplace when I heard it. The usual routine is to go in and see what they want and bring the order in. On the way back in with their order my friend tells me one of his co-workers asked him “who was that guy?” He was surprised she asked but said “it was our potato guy”. One thing led to another and he asked if I’d mind telling her what I did to lose all the weight. I of course said sure.

Whenever I tell people what I am doing I always try to keep it simple and honest. I told her I was eating right and exercising and I count my calories. I could tell she didn’t like the calorie counting in her eyes and she said the exercise would be tough. I told her just start walking to begin. When she asked if I had kids I told her no but take your kids walking too. She reminded me of myself the last couple years in that she’d like to lose weight but still finding reasons why she can’t. Like me it won’t happen till she’s ready so I know not to press any further. Just give them the main info and wait for them to ask for more details when they’re ready.

Ok so onto this week’s weight loss. I was surprised to be down at all this morning. I’ve been high on the carbs this past week as well as over doing the salt intake most days. So my guess is that my race yesterday helped more than I thought or I need to replace my scale’s battery. Anyways for now I’ll take it in the positive till I have proof otherwise.

Now that my triathlon is over I’m going to try going back to my old routine of 40-50% carbs which worked so well in the past. The last 3 weeks I’ve been 50-65% which isn’t good for me long-term. Leading up to races yes but otherwise no.

If you’d like to see photos of me in my race you can click here.

Here’s the numbers:

CW: 247.1 lbs
PW: 248.9 lbs
LTW: 1.7 lbs
LTY: 97.5 lbs

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6 Responses to Who is that guy? aka: Weekly Weigh In #19

  1. That must be so nice to have people recognize all the hard work you have put in to achieve the amazing results that you have achieved. Isn’t that awesome that they are asking you for advice!!!? That should feel good 🙂

  2. Excellent job! You’ve lost so much weight it’s not a surprise that people can’t recognize you!

  3. listedmal says:

    That’s amazing that people don’t recognise you! And you are so freaking close to the big 1-0-0, I’m super excited for you to hit that milestone. I think I get more excited and motivated from hearing about other people’s success than I do from my own, so, keep it up!

  4. Great job on the loss this week!

    Leading by example is a great way to motivate others.

  5. lowandbhold says:

    You’re almost at 100 lost! SO AWESOME!

  6. Isn’t it funny how people will ask how you lost the weight and you know they are hoping you have some magical method that doesn’t involve eating right and exercise? LOL!

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