Playing it Safe

After my triathlon Sunday I felt really good. I had just completed a 3 hour( ok and 52 sec) race and after a dip in the river my whole body felt great. Yesterday however I didn’t feel as good. Somewhere around lunch time I noticed the arch of my left foot was hurting when I moved my foot the wrong way. This perplexed me as it came out of the blue and not when I was doing anything. I was hoping it’d just be a minor thing and it’s be gone in the morning like many aches I get. I guess it wasn’t minor as it’s been bugging me today too. Not as bad as yesterday but still very noticeable.

I’m really hoping it wasn’t the new shoes I was wearing during the race as they weren’t cheap! They were a different brand but they were suppose to be a similar shoe as what I was wearing. It could have been bad form during my run as it was hot and I was just trying to get my butt to the finish line and not paying attention to my form. Or it could have simply happened during work yesterday and took a while to show up?! Who knows! Needless to say I didn’t exercise today. No running or biking or swimming. I did play men’s night golf but we walk so slowly I didn’t think it’d be that big a risk. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back to running Thursday but I will play it safe if that’s what called for again.

Other than that the only other exciting thing today was getting my stitches out. The nurse counted the chin stitches for me when she was taking them out and I had 13 there. So with the 5 in my nose I got a total of 18 stitches last week. Not a shabby number 🙂 I’ll leave you some update pics of my main and still most visible remnants of my bike crash. You can probably guess I shaved carefully to get you these pics!

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8 Responses to Playing it Safe

  1. Ouch – the road rash looks the worst! At least it is healing … you are a trooper!

  2. i think you deserved the day off! good luck at the doctor getting those stitches out. I should find some pics of my hands when I fell off my bike…looks a lot like your shin.

  3. My husband sometimes gets that pain on the arch of his foot. I think he does some stretches for relief. I’ll ask him if there are any tricks he can pass along. That is some impressive road rash. Glad you’re recovering.

  4. Road rash has always healed the slowest and looked the worst whenever I’ve had injuries like this… but I’m glad you are healing up well!

    Was the pain on your arch toward the heel? Maybe Plantar Fasciitis?

  5. Glad you are healing nicely. I’ve never fallen like that, but my boys have sure had similiar looking boo-boos on their knees! They took a long time to heal.

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