Why Wait?

As you all know now I fell 53 seconds short of breaking 3 hours on my Olympic triathlon Sunday. I was and am happy with my time as it was a personal best. HOWEVER I have decided I don’t want to wait till next year to break that elusive 3 hour mark. Not when there’s one more event that’s holding an Olympic triathlon and that’s within easy travel distance. So as of 10:42pm tonight I have signed up for my 3rd triathlon of the year and my second Olympic. On Aug.15th I’ll try breaking 3 hours again and I better as it’s costing me another $89 to try 🙂

This triathlon will be trained for a little differently than my last one. The last one I took time off my marathon training for it. This time I’ll continue with my marathon training as I just can’t afford to take any more time off it. I really don’t think this will affect my Olympic performance much so that’s why I’m taking the plunge. I’m going to start swimming and biking again next week.

With my arch acting up I decided to take it easy this week. It was a lot better today so I’m hoping to get a run in Friday after work as a warm up for Sunday’s 10 miler. Normally I run Thursday’s but I’m going to golf with my brother tomorrow instead. This will give my arch an extra day of rest as we won’t be walking. We have a deal that includes a power cart so for just the third time this year I won’t be walking.

Other than my golf game tomorrow I don’t think there’ll be much to post about so I’ll see you Friday night. Have a good day tomorrow!

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6 Responses to Why Wait?

  1. biz319 says:

    I agree taking it easy is the best idea. Woot for signing up for another tri! I have no doubt you will beat 3 hours.

    Have fun golfing with your brother today!

  2. Wow another tri! Good for you–i think you can beat the 3hr time limit for sure!

  3. Congrats on signing up again! It’s funny how we get the race bug once you do an event or 2.

  4. Good for you for signing up for another tri!!!

  5. I think you might be addicted! What a great thing to do – you will definitely beat your time.

  6. Yeah John! That’s so exciting that you had such a great time! Wahoo! And kudos to you for doing another one this year.

    I ran 2 marathons and 2 halfs in 3 years, and THAT was a lot! I can’t imagine training for a marathon AND doing a TRI at the same time, best of luck to you!!!

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