Big News Tomorrow

Good afternoon everyone! Sorry I’ve been away longer than I planned 😦 I said I’d be back Friday but Friday didn’t go as planned. Friday was going well till 10am when I discovered a fuel leak on my work truck. It wasn’t bad but if the MTO ( Ministry of Transportation of Ontario) stopped me and saw it they’d make me park it till fixed which would have been more costly. So instead I went to the garage and 2 hours and $200 later I was fixed and on the road. This meant of course not finishing till late. I wasn’t home till 7:10pm.

After getting home Friday I changed into my running attire and headed out for my first run since my arch injury. It was 29C/84F but I needed to get out and test it out. I decided to do 10k and take it easy for the first mile and go from there. The first mile felt good and came in at 10:01. The next 4 miles were 10:00 or better as well but I took a walking break for the next 1/4 mile in preparation for my last mile. During my early miles I though I’d save myself for a fast last mile. So with 1 mile to get home I turned on the jets after my walking break. I felt really good early on and was beginning to believe I could still run a sub 8:30/mile. And that I did finishing my last mile in 8:20.

I was going to post this on Friday night but after eating a late meal I laid down and that was it…lights out πŸ™‚ I was tired! I was even a bit tired the next morning so did the bare minimum of paperwork for my day and headed out the door to work. My day Saturday went much better than Friday and was done early for a change. I couldn’t find a golf buddy last night so was going to post last night but then someone called wanting me to play poker. So yeah you guys lost out again 😦 Off to poker it was last night. It was only the second time in the last 2 months I’ve played and I was playing against some wickedly lose players so I was afraid πŸ™‚

It didn’t start off well last night but I kept plugging away and by the end of the night I managed to be up $60 so I was happy. We didn’t finish till 2am this morning and I didn’t get to bed till 3am so needless to say I didn’t get my long run in this morning. I wanted to but I have a golf game that I have to leave at noon to get to. I also had a video to shoot this morning and went to my parents to get one of my parents to help me. You will all be able to see that video after tomorrow’s big announcement. I’m waiting for confirmation of my entry so you must wait.

So tomorrow’s normal Weekly Weigh In post will be postponed till Tuesday for my big news. Assuming of course they accept my entry! They better accept it as I think it’s a great idea πŸ™‚

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7 Responses to Big News Tomorrow

  1. Nicole says:

    Oooo! I can’t wait for big news!! And YOU have gotten so fast SO quick! You’re a speed demon!!

  2. I cannot wait to hear your news!

  3. Ooooooh, a video!!! Fun!!! I can’t wait for the news!!!

  4. Jessie says:

    Wow, nice job on that last mile! That’s often the hardest, so I’m impressed with your speed and stamina. Can’t wait to hear the big news – don’t keep us in suspense too long!

  5. can’t wait to hear the news! great run breakdown!

  6. listedmal says:

    It’s nice to take a break now and again (from posting at least), I’m excellent at break-taking.

    Big news?? I’m very curious.

  7. biz319 says:

    Holy shit that’s a fast mile run! Fingers crossed whatever entry you wanted to get into you did! πŸ˜€

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