VOTING IS NOW OPEN (and weekly weigh in)

Good afternoon everyone! For the next three weeks I’m going to be a bit of a pain in the ass and start all my posts with a reminder to vote for me and my BIG STRIDEA….it’s simple to do. Just click on my idea below and when you get there you will see a “Vote for This Stridea” button. You enter your e-mail address and the 2 words they give you and you’re done.
Then you enter your other e-mail and 2 words,etc. 🙂

Strideaman goes for 40 before turning 40

My ridiculous Stridea is to try completing 40 races in one year before I turn 40. I’ve recently dropped 105 lbs and was trying to think of a challenge to keep me fit and lose the last 45 and this was what I came up with. To date the most I’ve done is 4 in one year so it should be quite the challenge! As well with Stride Gum’s permission I’d do all these events as “Strideaman” wearing a shirt and cap with their logo on it. All races would be timed and a min. 5k up to marathons and Half Ironmans.

You can check yesterday’s post for background on my idea and what I get if I win this contest($10,000!).

Ok so I still have a blog to take care of while trying to win this contest so back to regularly scheduled programming. Yesterday morning I weighed in as usual and was surprised to see I dropped 3.4 lbs this week! I didn’t do anywhere near the normal exercise I usually do and I also didn’t cut my calorie intake so I wasn’t expecting such a big drop. This weight loss puts me at 100.9lbs lost since starting the blog! It took just 200 days to lose 100.9 lbs which is a lot quicker than I was thinking when I first started back in January.

Current Weight: 243.7 lbs
Previous Weight: 247.1 lbs
Blog Starting Weight: 344.6 lbs
Highest Weight(Dec27/09): 351 lbs
Loss this Week: 3.4 lbs
Loss this Year: 100.9lbs
Loss overall: 107.3 lbs

I’m in marathon training mode now so Sunday I got 10 miles in for the first time in 3 weeks. This coming Sunday I’m shooting for 14-16 miles. I bought a Camelbak off the Running Room this morning so I’ll be better prepared with hydration on these long runs to come. I’m hoping to go out and run another 6-10 after posting this but not sure as I’m doing repairs to my work truck. If it’s fixed when I go out then I run. If not…not sure what I’ll do!

Ok that’s it for now. Remember to vote for your new Super Hero….Strideaman! 🙂

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10 Responses to VOTING IS NOW OPEN (and weekly weigh in)

    • John says:

      Thanks Sam! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some time to catch up on your blog. So far behind with this contest and life in general lately!

  1. Hi John! So awesome!! I voted for you today, I’m going to blog about it, tell all my friends, etc!!!

    We’ll help you win!

  2. Jan says:

    I voted too!

    And as a side note, just wanted to let you know that I have started wearing my bike helmet thanks to you!

  3. listedmal says:

    I voted, with all my different emails too (since I’m not going to win, it might as well be someone I ‘know’).

    Congratulations on reaching 100lbs! That’s huge!

  4. I am heading over to vote now!!!

  5. britishbride says:

    John – just found your blog! Well done with everything so far. I have found running as a way of losing weight for my wedding – and I like your 40 by 40 idea so much that I may consider 30 by 30 myself!! (will take a lot of effort!)

    I voted for you, so good luck with everything.


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