Have You Voted Today?

You know I think I’m going to become quite the annoying blogger if I keep starting my blog posts like this 🙂 Up until around 4pm today I was in the top 5 since voting opened. At 4pm a few other Strideas muscled their way to the top and I’ve slipped to 8th! I spent all my free time yesterday e-mailing everyone I knew and then started e-mailing any organization I could think of that could help my cause. So far I’ve been rejected twice due to company policy although one said “what I would recommend is emailing our Magazine with your story and some pictures so you can help motivate others and inspire people”. The other ones I haven’t heard any response so I don’t know if they will/won’t do anything. I’m going to try my local radio and newspaper tomorrow….can’t hurt to ask right?

In normal blogging news it’s been pretty hectic around here. Between my truck breaking down, work, running, golfing and this contest I haven’t had a chance in over a week to read any of the blogs I follow. I was going to do it tonight but I was stuck in the garage for 3 hours this morning getting the refrigeration fixed. Seems to be working now but I’ll have to go out in the morning to confirm it. Hope it is or tomorrow will be spent at the garage again. I can’t afford another trip this week as I’ve already forked out $750 on repairs.

Last night after our men’s night golf I went out for my run. Normally I run in the mornings but I was too busy to say the least. I went out for 8 miles and tried to average 10:00/miles but fell a bit short. My quads were still aching from Sunday nights run and my feet weren’t happy with me golfing again before running. I managed to average 10:19/mile which wasn’t too bad. I want to do fairly well for my Half Marathon and Marathon this fall so I’ve decided any run 10 miles or less will be done at a 10:00/mile pace or quicker. I figure if I can get use to that in the next 3 months then by race day I’ll be able to pick up the pace even more with ease.

That’s it for now. See you tomorrow with your daily vote reminder 🙂

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2 Responses to Have You Voted Today?

  1. I have 3 different e-mails and I’ve voted from each one so far!!

    Sorry about all the repairs!! Don’t wear yourself too thin!

    I’ll e-mail as many people as I know too!

  2. Nicole says:

    I just voted! Keep reminding us…I’ll totally do it!!

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