Beating the Bushes

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Man it’s so busy lately I feel bad I have fallen so far behind in my blog reading! I knew today would be a long day last week but it turned out even longer. Why? Because I was beating the bushes for more votes of course 🙂 I figure I have to keep on this and not let the competition get too big of a lead. The first day was great as I never left the top 5 which wins the cash. Since then I’ve been moving back and forth between 5th and 8th. As I started writing this post I was back in 5th. It’s a pretty close race as 3rd to 8th place all show 5% so you know it’s a fairly small amount of votes deciding the places right now.

One of the bushes I have been beating is the media. I have e-mailed a couple of radio stations and a TV station. So far no luck on that front. Yesterday my luck changed. I stopped in at the local paper and asked if they’d do a story on my contest entry. Once he got into asking me questions you could tell he was very interested. In the end he took a pic and said he’d call me that day to fact check as he was going on holidays the next day. He called me less than 2 hours later and read me the story he wrote. I thought it was really good and thanked him. I just hope the powers that be at the paper still run it this coming week. If they do I’m hoping for a voting boosts for the last 10 days of this contest! Once the article is released I’ll try to get a copy of it or a link to it posted here.

Even though I’m helping my dad out after a relatively short work day tomorrow I’m hoping to make a dent in my blog reading. I doubt I’ll get through all of them but I’ll get through as many as I can. It sucks for those of you who post a lot but I think I’ll start with those that have the fewest to read and work my way up.

Have a great weekend everyone! Remember to stop what you’re doing though and vote each day 🙂

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3 Responses to Beating the Bushes

  1. I am so glad that they did a story on you!!!! I want to read it when it is printed!

  2. I guess it never hurts to ask. It’s always nice to open a newspaper and see a positive story too. How many stories on the oil spill in the Gulf can I take!

  3. biz319 says:

    I just voted again today!! Good idea to reach out to the media – you never know!


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