Football and Poker Again

Like always I’ll start with the Stride Gum Co.’s contest The Big Stridea. This morning when I woke up my Stridea was in 4th and as I type this now I’m in 7th. I think this bodes well as I’m one of the few that have never dropped out of the top 8. I noticed there was a newcomer to the front page today. A guy who wants to turn his house into a jungle! To each his/her own I say!

Ok onto the topic of today’s post title. I was out at my parents to help my dad out and then talk with them after. While there I found out we are going on our annual football trip and it will again be Buffalo. I’m never thrilled to watch the Bills as I’m a 49ers fan. The nice thing about seeing the Bills is we’ll stay in Niagara Falls,USA about 3 blocks from the Seneca-Niagara Casino. My brothers and their friends wanted to go to Boston for a change of scenery and the fact there is no casino. Reason being they’d spend less bar hopping than going to the casino. I myself don’t drink so am quite happy taking my chances at the casino again 🙂 So the weekend before my first marathon I’ll be watching the Jets vs. Bills.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be shooting for a 16 mile run to catch up in my marathon training. If it doesn’t seem to be going to well I’ll stop at 14 and do 16 next Sunday. Reason for trying to catch up is I’d like to do at least two 20 mile runs before the big day and possibly 23 miles. I don’t want to injure myself so I will pay attention to how my body feels.

Ok I’m off to catch up on a few more blogs now. I got through 5 of then last night and this morning so I’ll shoot for 10 tonight. Thanks again to everyone who is voting for my Stridea! I couldn’t do this without you…well I could but then they’d kick me out for illegal voting 🙂

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3 Responses to Football and Poker Again

  1. Oooooh I am so rooting for you – I hope you win!!

  2. I voted for you again today!

    I trained for the 2 marathons with Team in Training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and we only ran 20 miles once, and we did do 18 miles twice…I never ran more than 20 miles before the marathon, and you can still finish. I know you want to make sure you can do it, but realistically if you can run 18 miles or 20 miles, you can run 26 miles too!

    Just be careful not to over do it is all I’m saying 😉

    Have a super Sunday!

    • John says:

      I know you have my best interests in mind. I won’t overdo it…too much 🙂 I don’t want to be laid up so will listen to the body and do as it says.

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