Felt Great Till I Stopped

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The one thing the last 2 weeks I’ve managed to continue has been my running. Twice last week I had to run in the evening but I got them in. Today’s run was a 16 miler. I haven’t run this far in well over a month so I wasn’t sure how it’d go. I shouldn’t have worried though as it went very well. I headed out with the intention of averaging no more than 11:00/mile. Every long run over 10 miles has always been over 11/mile so I was really happy when I averaged 10:45/mile. There wasn’t even one mile that I ran over 10:56 so that was even better. I’m really hoping to break 4.5 hours for my marathon so having a long run go this well is encouraging. Next week I’ll be backing it down to 12 miles and then the following Sunday I’ll be going for 18 miles.

After my run I walked 2 miles to cool down. I don’t always want to walk 2 miles but today I did as I felt great running but when I stopped my legs were wanting to kill me. After about 1/2 mile or so my legs started to shut up and since then I’ve had no problems. I could have had problems tonight but when I played golf late this afternoon I rented a cart. I was thinking about walking till they said it was $11 then I’m like let’s ride! 🙂 The golf wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either.
At least the weather was great and I had a good time overall.

I’m off to do some paperwork for my business and then relax while reading a couple more blogs. May take me another week to catch up the way I’m going here! At the same time I’ll be trying to think up new ways to scrounge up more votes for my Big Stridea. Today for the first time I was off the first page and out of the top 8 for a few hours. Hope you had a great weekend. See you tomorrow with the weekly weigh in.

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  1. Wow, great improvements with the run!

  2. John says:

    yes but not sure I’m using it right? twitter: Strideaman

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