Couple New Opportunities

Have you voted today? Just my usual annoying reminder to start my post 🙂

Good morning everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing the last couple days. I’ve continued to be pretty busy and have just not had the time to get a post up. In fact the last 2 nights I’ve fallen asleep before 8pm so it must be catching up with me. I’ve actually been pretty fortunate that life hasn’t screwed up more of my exercise/training this summer. Yesterday was really annoying as I had to stop in to the garage again for repairs. That was annoying but the kicker was by the time they got me in the fuel leak I wanted fixed stopped leaking and refused to leak again. TILL after I LEFT! Damn vehicles!

Ok onto the title of the post….2 new opportunities have come my way due to the contest I’ve entered. Early last week I stopped into the place I worked out at 3 years ago(lost 86lbs) and briefly last year(went 6 weeks and gave up). It was there that I learned the eating habits I feel has been a big part of my past and current success. When I get ready to strength train I’ll be incorporating what I learned there as well because I know from experience it works.

I stopped in there, Greco Lean and Fit, knowing the owner, Tony Greco, has a long client list he could ask for help for my contest. He also has his own radio show every Saturday morning but didn’t expect him to plug it there. I was just hoping for an e-mailing to his clients. If he has plugged the contest on his show I don’t know as the radio in both my vehicles are not working!

What has happened from this visit is this:
I received an e-mail from someone in his corporate office asking me to be on his radio show. The show won’t air till Saturday, August 7th but it still gives anyone listening 2-3 days to vote and depending on where I am in the voting and his listening office it could help a lot. Certainly won’t hurt!

My response: Other than being nervous about being on the radio I’m open to doing the show. I’ll start working on curbing my profanity. Usually the degree of it depends on the company so I should be good for you guys 🙂

Yesterday while working I received another e-mail from this same person with “Another opportunity” as the subject. I couldn’t figure out what that could be so I read the e-mail 😉 In it she mentions Tony will be doing a TV segment on August 5th and would I be available to come on the show. CTV(nation wide Canadian tv/news network) is looking for success stories and she said: “you of course, came to mind”.

My response: You’re really looking to make me nervous that day,eh? 🙂 I’ll do it let me know where and when. (both shows being recorded that day)

I think that’s all for now folks. I’ll give you more info on these opportunities as they get closer. I could tell you more about my week but it’s been a long enough post already. I know things aren’t looking good voting wise for my Big Stridea but please keep voting as I’m hoping my story will be in the paper today and give me a boost. Also if it does and we can stay close enough till next weekend then the TV and radio show just might put us over the top. Thanks for all your support everyone!

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4 Responses to Couple New Opportunities

  1. Wes says:

    you’ll be famous! and please, do, be profane on the radio 🙂 It will be refreshing.

  2. well how exciting!!! good for you!

    and yes, I voted for you again. 🙂

  3. Wow John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are HUGE opportunities!!!! You are really going for this, and you BETTER win!! I am off to vote now 🙂

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