Back in the Running

Well just when it seemed the voting deficit may be getting too great to overcome in my Big Stridea contest. I find out this afternoon I’m not as bad off…..again! Around 2pm this afternoon I was checking the site and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Reason was that I seemed to be back in 6th place from 12th. Also, on top of that I’m only 173 votes behind 5th which is the last money position. The only thing I can figure is the 6 in front of me got booted for illegal voting? Or maybe after finally going through them discovered they don’t meet the entry requirements??

So if you’ve been voting please keep voting! If you can pass it along to anyone else that can vote please do! 🙂 Thanks everyone! You probably already have the link but for those that don’t VOTE HERE 🙂

Okay gals I have the tickets in my possession so now it’s just time to wait. The draw takes place at 11pm tonight. With the extra 29 draws they may be a little later posting the winning numbers. You don’t need to wait for my post tomorrow to check your numbers. You can go here: Winning Numbers I also splurged and added the Encore on to each ticket for an extra chance at some dough. I also forgot to mention when you play this lottery you get 2 extra sets of numbers given to you as well. These are always generated by the lottery computer not by the player. So to see the extra numbers you got you’ll be able to see them in the picture I took. I’ll post tomorrow with the official results…probably with pics as well. Good luck to us all!

Our Winning Tickets???

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2 Responses to Back in the Running

  1. Jan says:

    I did my daily vote. Wish they let us vote more than once a day.

    I have my fingers crossed on the tickets! What a fun idea (oh wait, I think I said that yesterday LOL)

  2. Woooooooohoooooooo how fun!!! Let’s win this John!!!

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