July Challenges Review & Weekly Weigh In

Wow this was a long day! It was going pretty well till I tried golfing this afternoon. Before that I ran and was able to complete all 12 miles with no problems. I ran the first 8 at a 10:30/mile pace and was feeling good so I upped the last 4 miles to a 10:00/mile pace. I ended up averaging 10:14/mile for the full 12 miles and was pretty pleased.

Since I’ve been so busy I didn’t have anything to wear today golfing so I stopped and bought some shorts and a shirt. My current shorts are 38’s and have felt looser so I tried on 36’s for the heck of it. Well what do you know I’m down to a 36 and didn’t have to suck my gut in either! So again I was happy still. Then I went golfing! Let’s just leave it at that as I’ve finally calmed down from a very rough day on the links!

Since it’s so late I’m going to try to keep my review short. I know I haven’t done to well at that in the past 🙂

1. CUT OUT WHITE DEATH: Overall July was good on the sodium intake with the usual 4-5 days where I was over the 2300mg they recommend. On the sugar front I admitted yesterday I’ve allowed chocolate milk in to too many of my meals but other than that it was a good month.

2. Exercise 6hrs minimum/week: Even though I haven’t biked or swam the last 2 weeks of July I still got my 6 hours in by running. That is till my arch acted up again. I only got 4 hours the last week of July.

3. STOP EATING OUT unless(I have a very good reason): I haven’t eaten in a restaurant all of July. However I haven’t been able to get back to bringing most of my meals when away from home. I need to start doing this as even though I’m buying mainly healthy food it’s costing me more money than if I’d brought my own food.

4. CLEAN MY HOUSE EVERY WEEK: Almost another total failure. Instead just mostly a failure as I did get my kitchen about 90% cleaned this past week. Just need to sweep and mop the floors now. At one room/ month I still could have my whole house clean by the end of the year 🙂

5. START A SAVINGS FUND: Again truck repairs mainly are hampering this goal again. Not helping when I blow $50/week trying to win my retirement fund…lol.

6. STOP PLAYING ONLINE POKER: Total success again.

RESULTS SO FAR: Overall things are going well and that’s the main thing. A couple of goals could be a lot better but I’m generally happy with my progress. The whole point of all the challenges was to lose weight and that continues to go well.
As of this morning I’m down to 238.3 lbs for a total overall weight loss of 106.3 lbs since I started this blog and 112.7 lbs from my highest weight. Only 39.3 lbs to go now with 5 months to go! My goal for July was to lose 8.1 lbs and I lost 10.1 so can’t complain. For August I’ll shoot for 8 lbs again.

It’s late and I’m tired so I’ll leave you with one last thing : Please vote as I’m within 58 now with just 7 days to go!

Oh yeah two more things:our losing tickets 🙂

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7 Responses to July Challenges Review & Weekly Weigh In

  1. Jan says:

    You had a great month! Keep it up.

    Loving the pictures of our losing tickets 🙂

  2. good for you having a couple of “total successes!” so sad we all lost! i was banking on this money!

    • John says:

      what was sad was we had 21 sets of numbers and the best we did was 2 out of 7 numbers. Maybe we’ll have better luck this week?!

  3. Great month and congrats on the smaller size!

  4. Wes says:

    You are doing great work! Nice running! Nice shorts 🙂 Paying the stupid tax. Does that benefit Americans? ROFL…

  5. You are doing so well with your goals!!

    I checked 3 lottery tickets today, and they were all losers too 😦

    • John says:

      They say the odds are better you are struck by lightening than winning the lottery. I’ve never been struck by lightening and I’m still playing…what am I thinking? 🙂

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