Interviews Confirmed!

Good morning girls and boys. 5:23am and I’m up already! Fell asleep early last night so I’m guessing that’s why I’m up early this morning. Before I get into today’s topic let’s deal with the usual right off the top. I’ve either got some serious voting competition or there’s some vote rigging going on. First off every time it seems I get close to the girl I’m trailing it seems her votes jump to get the lead she had back. Second there’s another guy coming out of nowhere having averaged by my count over 500 votes each day for the last 2 days and is now only 17 behind. It’s possible to get that many NEW, legit votes but not likely in my opinion.

So I guess I’ll just keep voting and asking others to vote for me and see where it all ends up on Monday. My feeling is one or two get booted before the end. Hoping I’m not one of them as I found out last night my brother was stuffing the ballot box Monday. I told him to stop as I didn’t want to be booted and would rather lose than risk being booted. Reason being is Plan B is to look for a company to sponsor my idea if I lose. If I lose and am not booted I could show perspective companies that the public liked my idea and direct them to the contest site to prove it. I can’t do that though if I get booted by well meaning folks. Got to have a back up plan right?! So please keep voting to help at least keep me close for what I’ll tell you next. Click here to vote!

OK now on to today’s post title! It’s been confirmed that tomorrow I will be interviewed for TV and a radio show. The TV interview will be 9:45am at a park in Ottawa(Ontario) and I’m suppose to wear workout gear so I have a feeling I may be doing a bit of a workout. I don’t mind as long as they plug voting for my contest entry! After that I have to kill 7 hours when at 6:45am I’ll be interviewed on a radio show where again I’ll obviously be hoping to plug my contest entry πŸ™‚

The TV interview I think will be airing on the noon news tomorrow which will give their viewers 4 days to vote for me. The radio show is being pre-taped for air on Saturday morning so I’ll only get 2 days of voting from that but it’s better than nothing. If the voting can stay fairly close till these interviews are aired then you never know they may just put me over the top…..or they could fizzle like the paper πŸ™‚ Speaking of the story in the paper: you can read the article and see my pic here:–forty-before-forty

Ok I better go now. Have a great day everyone and thank you all for your voting and plugging of my contest entry!

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9 Responses to Interviews Confirmed!

  1. Jan says:

    My vote is in. Good luck with your interviews.

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  3. Wes says:

    I voted! Good luck with the interviews!

  4. Astrid says:

    You are going to be on TV!! Oh my goodness John, you are turning into a celebrity and you deserve every ounce of excitement. Keep us posted on how things are going. I will keep voting!

  5. wow that’s early! best of luck! I’m voting.

  6. Congrats on the TV interviews!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m still voting every day! That’s exciting about the radio and TV stuff! That rocks! You’ll be famous before you know it!

    And I do like the idea of getting a corporate sponsorship if the Stride Gum thing doesn’t work out. I think you could totally make that happen!

  8. Steph says:

    Hey I accidently came across your blog when I was googling around to see if there were any updates to the Stride contest.

    When you mentioned vote rigging I’m pretty certain I’m that girl you were trailing whose votes jumped ahead. The one with the animation about the sidewalks?

    I just want to set the record straight and say that all my votes were legit. I worked my ass off to get as many votes as possible. And I put way too much effort into my entry to lower myself to cheating and/or ballot stuffing.

    As for the other people, especially the first place, I think it’s fairly obvious. The third place entry didn’t even use her own photo, which I’m fairly certain is against the rules.

    I’m seriously pulling out my hair, waiting for the results. Let’s hope a few people get disqualified, eh?

    • John says:

      Hello Steph. Yes you are the one I was talking about. I wasn’t out right accusing you of cheating. I was just wondering as it just seemed like when I gained on you you gained right back almost immediately it seemed. Obviously coming from your perspective you must have been thinking the same thing about me…..but then maybe not?! In the end I don’t believe you were cheating as you seemed to gain steadily the whole time and your voters were obviously more consistent than mine.

      I agree obviously 1st has to be booted and as for any others I have no idea as they were almost always ahead. Having finished in 7th though I obviously would like a couple to be booted πŸ™‚ I did look at your entry and must admit it was very good. Hopefully you aren’t pulling too many hairs out waiting for the official results!
      Question…what’s your age? I say 19-23 and my mom said late twenties early 30’s.

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