18 Miles & Weekly Weigh In

Good morning everyone! Sorry I’ve been hit or miss lately with the blogging! And doubly sorry I’ve been completely missing reading my favourite bloggers!! I wish I could say I’ll catch up with all your posts but I’m not. It’d take me a month to do that so I “marked as read” every single blog last night and will start fresh today.

Let’s go back to Sunday before getting to the weigh in yesterday. Sunday I had a 18 mile run scheduled for my marathon training. The temperature was good but not as good as earlier in the week. I was looking forward to starting my run with 41F temp. but instead got 59F. It was better than the past few weeks though so I didn’t complain much. With the marathon having a 5 hour time limit I’ve been trying to do my long runs between 10:30-11:00/mile so that I know I won’t have a problem with the cut off time.

I decided on a double out and back run because my Camelbak only hold 1.5L and I knew I’d need more than that for 18 miles. I ran 5 miles out and back on the first run and then 4 out and back on the second. The first 10 miles felt great and was ready to report the 18 miles felt great and looking forward to 20. However I still had 8 miles to run and that changed my outlook by the end. I was feeling pretty good during miles 11-16 but not as good as the first 10. For whatever reason when mile 16 was done my legs and mind wanted to take a break. I fought them off for 1/2 a mile but then conceded and took a walk for 1/10th of a mile. With less than a mile and a half to go I didn’t want to stop again but again had to take a break at 17.33 miles. After another 1/10 mile walk I ran the rest of the way home and was glad to have 18 miles in the books.

This run I averaged 10:41/mile with all but the last 2 miles coming in under 11:00/mile. I’m pretty pleased with this as I really would like to crack 4:30:00 in my first marathon.

Thoughts after 18:
1. It’s been going a lot smoother than anticipated. 3 years ago 17 miles almost brought me to tears and so far 16&18 miles have left me feeling good for the next jump in mileage.
2. Whether it’s right away or 1/2 an hour later you definitely want to walk 2 miles after a long run. My legs were starting to cramp and get sore while eating a smoothie after my run. 1/2 hour after the run I finally went for my 2 mile walk and all was good again.
3. It’s much better running in the country as you can whip it out anywhere and go. Last week in the city I had to drive to a gas station as I didn’t want to be charged with indecent exposure 🙂
4. I’ve come a long way as 20 miles doesn’t phase me at all right now.

This morning I’m going to try getting my 10K speed run in but I’m not sure how it will go. Yesterday my right knee was tender to certain movements and felt weird most of the rest of the time. Sorry not sure how else to describe it 🙂 It’s really weird that it’s my right knee as it’s usually my left knee since it’s the worst of the two. My plan this morning is to try to run a 9:00/mile to test it out and if it feels good then I’ll turn the jets on for the last 5.2 miles. If it doesn’t feel right then I’ll just do what I can and call it quits as I don’t want to aggravate it!

Weekly Weigh In
I weighed in yesterday morning as planned but just didn’t get online to post about it. I was on pace for a crazy 4+ pound weight loss but ran into some trouble Friday. That trouble was my old habits. Bingeing and salty foods to be exact.
I don’t know what brought it on but Friday and Saturday were not good days. Sunday would have been bad too if not for my planned 18 mile run. You’d think after a few bad days and only gaining one pound I’d smarten up? No I didn’t as yesterday afternoon I went at it again. The only good thing about these binges were they were done with “good” food that I usually eat rather than with the old junk food that is 10 times worse for me to get back into!

This just goes to show that for all the success I’ve had I’m not out of the woods yet. Heck I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to say I have my self under control all the time! All I can do is make these bad days as few and far apart as possible.

Current Weight: 236.8 lbs
Previous Weight: 238.3 lbs
Loss This Week: 1.5 lbs
Loss This Year: 107.8 lbs

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7 Responses to 18 Miles & Weekly Weigh In

  1. Wes says:

    I’m lovin it! A 5 hour cut off is a great motivator for a marathon distance run. Congratulations on meeting your goal. I found the biggest hurdle to be in the 14-16 mile range. After that, everything just hurts, and stays that way 🙂

  2. Astrid says:

    You have come such a long way. It is insane the amount of change that can happen in only one year or less! Don’t beat yourself up about bingeing or slip ups, they happen. Everything in moderation. Including moderation. Everyone need to lose control once in a while, it helps you get your feet back on the ground.

  3. lowandbhold says:

    Wow, I’m glad they don’t have a 5 hour cutoff for my marathon – I’d be screwed haha. You’re doing so well!

  4. I can’t even imagine walking for 5 hours, much less running! Keep up your awesome work!

  5. Finola says:

    Hi and thanks for visiting my blog recently!
    I have just been looking around here and you are a wonderful inspiration. It is really amazing what you are doing. I ran my first half marathon in May and I haven’t really been running over the summer, but I really want to get back into it. I find the hardest part is putting on my running shoes and getting out the door.
    I need to get my act together again. Thanks for inspiring.

    • John says:

      Your welcome Finola. I came across your blog after coming across you on Twitter. I’m Strideaman on Twitter.
      I find the thing that keeps me running besides for weight loss is signing up for races. Once it’s paid for I usually always train for it. Just did my first race without full training and wish now I had as it was tough.

      I’m glad I could inspire you. Resolution Run 10k is Dec.31…lots of time for you to train for it 🙂

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