I can’t decide!

For whatever reason last night I didn’t really feel like running 10 miles of hills this morning. I did however do just that! I sucked it up and got out there. The first mile my legs felt dead. I’m not sure if that’s because of Sunday’s 18 miles or the fact I sat cross-legged on a hard floor doing paperwork before going running. Whatever the reason my legs finally came around a bit after a mile and even more after 3. The first 5 miles I averaged 10:38/mile so I was pretty happy. The return trip seemed a bit tougher as the wind was behind me and therefore it was a lot warmer. However I guess between my legs returning and the wind at my back the return was a lot better. The last 5 miles I averaged 10:13/mile giving me an over all average of 10:26/mile for the entire run.

Now that I have my paperwork done for tomorrow’s deliveries and I’ve got my run in and I’m in the process of completing my blog post I guess it’s time to go do some laundry. While waiting for the laundry I’ll do some more paperwork I’ve been putting off for 4 months. Revenue Canada(our version of the IRS) has been calling me for about a week now and I finally talked to them yesterday. I knew what they wanted before talking to them. They want that paperwork I haven’t done in 4 months!

Crazy I find myself in this position again as I was 3 years behind before and I said never again. Especially crazy since they always owe me! I won’t get to spend any of it though as I’ve been counting on that money to pay one of my hydro bills. Luckily it’s not tough paperwork. It’s really just a matter of adding 3 columns of figures for 6 months and totalling them for the 2 reporting periods(1st and 2nd quarter). So it should be done by the time my laundry is ready to be folded.

After this I NEED to get my application for my Maple Leaf card renewal into the mail. For those that don’t know what this is it’s a card for residents of Canada who aren’t Canadians. It allows for quicker crossing of the border into Canada. Although quite often my mom still has problems getting through easy đŸ™‚ To be able to send in my application I need to get a couple of passport photos taken and write a letter stating where I’ve been when not in Canada and why I don’t know when that was exactly(who keeps tracks of a 1 weekend football trip each year?). Then I need to photocopy it all and send it in with some $. If I don’t procrastinate this will finally get done today which would be good as we go on our next football weekend in 7 weeks :-O

For the title of today’s post we go back to Tuesday. Every Tuesday night I play in a men’s golf league. Each week there’s a closest to the pin contest on both par 3’s. The first par 3 you win a shirt from the pro shop if you’re the closest that night. The second par 3 you win a medium 2 topping pizza from Domino’s Pizza. Well this week I found out I won the week before on you guessed it…the second par 3. So my dilemma is to order the pizza and eat it(over 2-3 meals) or give it away. Part of me really wants it but I don’t trust myself to eat it over several meals and not wolf it down in one sitting.
So what do you think? Eat it, even if I cave and it’s one meal or give it away?

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4 Responses to I can’t decide!

  1. Give it away. Out of sight, out of mind.

  2. Can you have a pizza party and share it? Maybe you could get the pizzas and freeze some to take out periodically. It’s always hard to turn down free food….

  3. Wes says:

    give it away! I’m sure there’s somebody around your parts that can’t afford a pizza that would love to have one!

  4. Invite a friend over and eat it!

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