Weekly Weigh In #?

I almost forgot to post this tonight. I’ve just been resting tonight after working today and then walking 18 holes of golf.
It was another good round of golf overall which is about time! I haven’t strung 2 good rounds together in well over a month. It’s been so bad I’ve almost wanted to take a break from it again. In other news Stride Gum commented on their Facebook page they’d be announcing the winners soon. I’d just like to know one way or the other so I can stop wondering so hopefully it’s SOON!

This past week has been another week of not eating the best. I’m still hovering anywhere from 236-238 depending on the day. I don’t know what it is but I’m not beating myself up about it. At least I’m staying in a 2-3lb weight range and not packing on the weight. I’d like to find my old weight loss rhythm and get under 230 by the end of the month. The last time I was 230 would have been October of 1989 when I came home from college for Thanksgiving. In 2 months I was away from home I put on 40lbs!

I could go on and on but maybe another day. I have to get up at 5:30am to take my truck into the city for some minor preventative maintenance work. Minor in repair but still major enough in money! Here’s your numbers:

CW: 235.9lbs
PW: 236.8lbs
LTW: 0.9lbs
LTY: 108.7lbs

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4 Responses to Weekly Weigh In #?

  1. I can’t believe they haven’t announced the winner yet!! I am crossing my fingers for you!!

  2. Nicole says:

    I am anxious to hear the winner! Don’t stress about the weight. Are you getting in enough water? Enough calories?


  3. Jess says:

    I’m really glad you’re not beating yourself up. I think summer is a huge time when we just fluctuate…because there are so many things going on that is additional. At least for me it was that way. I’m trying to figure out a good balance. When things return to being more routine, I’m sure it’ll be better.

    Keep at it. super proud of you for being in the 230s.

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