Gutted It Out

Good morning everyone! Already this morning I’ve done my paperwork for the last 2 workdays and today’s run, showered and eaten. All of this by 7:20am! Of course after falling asleep before 9pm last night I should be up early and ready to go this morning 🙂 After 2 late nights and early mornings it wasn’t unexpected I fell asleep early last night. Hopefully the rest of the week I can get some normal hours of sleep.

After getting home from the garage with my work truck I decided I better go get my run in before golf. I tried it once after golf but it was harder on my feet as I stand around a lot more during men’s night golf. To change things up I decided to try to do mile repeats instead of my usual fast 10k run. For this I went to our local 1/4 mile track so that there’s be no uphills to hurt my time and no downhills to help my time. When I’ve run my fast “miles” it’s always on a fair bit of a downhill ending with an uphill that’s shorter. So today I wanted to see what I could do without the hills.

To warm up I ran a slow 1/2 mile and then walked 1/4 mile. When I hit my start line which was my hat that I laid on the side of the track I took off. I immediately knew I didn’t “have” it today. It was tough running as I felt it in my legs and lungs. I ended up bailing after 1/4 mile which I ran in 1:45. As I was walking around the track I talked myself into giving it another go. When I hit the start line again I took off once more.

It wasn’t much easier but I managed to talk myself around the track 4 times for one mile. I kept looking at my Garmin as I went around and managed to keep my pace just under or at 8:00/mile the whole way. When I hit the last straight stretch I sprinted the last bit to get my best possible time. I was surprised and pleased to see 7:50 on my watch! That’s the first time I’ve run a sub 8 minute mile! As I walked around the track I again convinced myself to try it again. This time around was tougher but I managed to get around under 8 minutes again but slightly slower at 7:57. Yes I talked myself into a third and just missed going under 8 minutes with my watch reading 8:00! I was really happy with myself for both gutting out these miles and then being rewarded with my fastest times yet. Well worth the effort when I didn’t feel I was 100%.

That was it for the mile repeats though as I said to myself as long as I kept breaking 8 minutes I’d keep trying to get 6 of them done. Next Tuesday I will do a minimum of 4 repeats but I should be able to do 6 as I should be better rested.
After my 3 repeats I proceed to run another 2 slow miles which brought my total running distance up to 5.75 miles which was just 1/2 mile shy of my normal Tuesday run distance.

Ok got to go. Don’t want to go from being ahead of schedule to being late for work 🙂 Have a good day!

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6 Responses to Gutted It Out

  1. Wes says:

    Nice work! Those little bursts of speed will have a big impact on your overall fitness.

  2. Great job on the speedwork! Have a great day!!!!!

  3. Jessie says:

    Nice job with the sub-8 minute mile! I’m impressed that you were able to just push yourself, even when you didn’t feel like it 🙂

  4. biz319 says:

    Way to pound that out John! Wow, sub-8 minute miles is fast!!

  5. mode20100 says:

    A+ would read again

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