Brilliant Ideas John!

Good evening! I am finally wide awake again after sleeping for a couple of hours this afternoon. Guess my run this morning tired me out. This morning like usual I had 10 miles of hills in front of me. Unlike last week I wasn’t dreading it. I wasn’t feeling like driving across town for my latest hill route. Instead I decided to run my original hill route that starts right from my house. Well the route does but the hills start about 1/3 mile away.

I was feeling good this morning so when I hit the first hill I decided to try running the 10 miles at a 10:00/mile pace or better. That was my first brilliant idea…lol. It was going pretty well about 1.75 miles in so I decided to cut my out run by a 1/4 mile or so. The result of this would mean I’d get no easy recovery of running roughly 1/2 mile of flat road each loop. Instead it’d mean before I got to the bottom of the last hill I’d turn around and start running back up it. Brilliant idea #2!

Of course I was still doing well nearing my planned turn around for the second loop so yes yet another brilliant idea popped in my head. It was the same idea as idea #2. This time though I’d be cutting roughly 2/3 of a mile or more off this end of the loop which was flat and provide some easy recovery running. Brilliant idea #3 🙂 If I had left my original plan in place I would have had to run 2.5 loops of my original 4 mile hill run. That would mean 3 times up the biggest hill and only twice for all the other hills. Instead my brilliant ideas changed it to running 3.3 loops of my “new” shortened loop meaning 3 times on all the hills with that biggest hill being done 4 times! What was I thinking????

So the first loop obviously went well since I made it harder on myself. The second loop albeit a bit slower went well and was looking forward to finishing the run in good time. The third loop…..well it went well but was noticeably slower even coming to a screeching stop up the backside of that big hill. Mentally I wasn’t failing but I think my legs quietly mutinied because without even knowing it I literally came to a screeching halt. Surprised me! I knew I didn’t want to walk but decided to walk 1/10 of a mile and then get back at it. Luckily that was enough for my legs and we didn’t stop again till the end.

My last brilliant idea came after nearing the end of the 3rd loop when the Garmin announced 9 miles. Instead of running the last 1/5 mile or so to the end of the loop I immediately turned around. I don’t know what got into me today but I was so glad when my Garmin announced that I had hit 10 miles! In the end during my 10 miles I ran maybe 1 mile of flat ground if I was lucky. The other 9 miles I was constantly running up or down hills of varying grades and lengths. Like I said earlier I was hoping to do it averaging 10:00/mile or less but just missed it doing it in 1:42:02 for a 10:14/mile pace.

So to answer my own question of what was I thinking? I was thinking this will impress my readers! I’m serious as I’ve said before thinking of people reading my blog helps push me tremendously. Sometimes thinking of you guys and gals pushes me to do incredibly unneccessary things like making my hill run harder and think of crazy ideas like 40 races before turning 40 in 1 year. But you know even though you talk me into these things I still love you all 🙂

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5 Responses to Brilliant Ideas John!

  1. What are you waiting for – get back out there and run some more!! 😀

  2. Jan says:

    LOL, the power of the internet is a wonderful thing! Great job!

  3. Wes says:

    You’re an animal. Hills will make you STRONG!

  4. Glad to know we push you to do more!!! I feel the same way about my readers … I cook/ bake/ create dishes more than I ever would have before my blog!

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