August’s Challenges Review & Weekly Weigh In

Good evening everyone! Hopefully you’re all well. I have to say I’m doing better since unloading in my last post. Yesterday I felt ten times better. Lori was right when she commented “I think it is very important to actually blog and write about it, because the times that we want to the least is when we really need it the most.” I wish I could say it got me fully back on track but I’m doing a lot better and that’s a start.

I skipped the official weigh in post Monday knowing 2 days later I’d be doing my monthly review. I did post my weight though which was 238.6 lbs. This morning I weighed in at 236.2 lbs. So for the whole month of August I’m down 1.7 lbs.
I’m very happy to be down instead of being up but it could have been much better as a number of times I was down to 232.x lbs. Often wondered this month if I was afraid to take the next step of getting into the 220’s?

I’ll get there though as I keep reminding myself to look at the positives… at least I’m maintaining and not gaining(past a 5-6lb range anyways), I’ve dropped almost 115 lbs overall, I’ve improved my fitness a great deal. These are great things to remember and remind myself everyday not to waste what I worked so hard to obtain so far this year.

1. CUT OUT WHITE DEATH: This challenge didn’t go great as my sodium intake was higher than normal with my recent addiction to chocolate milk. My sugar intake wasn’t bad as it was mainly natural through fruit but probably took in too much sports drinks. So in September I’ll try to wean myself off these two new vices.

2. Exercise 6hrs minimum/week: Total success as my 3 days of running with walking cooldown easily gets me more than 6 hours a week. Add on my weekly men’s night golf and another round or two/week I’m well over my hours.

3. STOP EATING OUT unless(I have a very good reason): This is going well in that I didn’t eat out in a restaurant all August. However I did buy a lot of my meals during my workdays like nuts and a chocolate milk or fruit and canned sardines or herring for an example. Decent meals on the go but they add up and cost me more money than necessary.

4. CLEAN MY HOUSE EVERY WEEK: I don’t know what I was thinking when I added this challenge 🙂 I did clean my kitchen again but that was it. Hey 2 months in a row so that’s a good start isn’t it? finally? 🙂

5. START A SAVINGS FUND: the money is not in a separate account yet but it was a good month both business wise and a lack of major vehicle repairs. Hopefully September goes just as well.

6. STOP PLAYING ONLINE POKER: Total success again as I didn’t play but got to admit a couple of times I thought about it.

Overall Results: It wasn’t a great month for weight loss but it could have been a lot worse. It was a good month for fitness though as I did manage to race a good Olympic triathlon w/o 5 weeks of swimming and biking. I also ran my first 18 miles this month in preparation for my marathon in October.

September Goals: Get back on track with my eating out and white death intake. I wasn’t successful in August with eliminating chocolate milk so a good September will see me drink it only after my long runs on Sundays. I also want to get back to bringing my 2nd and 3rd meals of the day with me again whether I’m working or not. If I could do these things then I’m pretty confident I’ll be back on track with my weight loss goal. This month my goal is to lose 10lbs. 10lbs would finally push me through to the 220’s and be solidly there around 225-6lbs.

Ok that’s it for now. I should have another post for you tomorrow and it will be on a totally different topic. Something I’ve just run across in the last 2 weeks. See you tomorrow!

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5 Responses to August’s Challenges Review & Weekly Weigh In

  1. Astrid says:

    I clean my apartment every week now. I feel like such a grown up when I do this! It’s amazing how nice it feels to have a clean home, isn’t it? Enjoy the new month and getting back on track!

  2. I always have to set aside an hour a week to clean … once you get up and do it, it really doesn’t take long. But I agree, it is NOT fun 🙂

    Good luck on your goals for September!

  3. Wes says:

    Life is peaks and valleys 🙂 You had a good month and having goals and being organized is key to success! Keep up the great work!!

  4. Nicole says:

    I LOL’ed at clean your house every week. That needs to be my goal! You had a ton of goals for a month, and I think you did awesome! You’re so nonchalant about your fitness “improving” — dude, you’re a machine!

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