Finally…and NO Gum

Good evening everyone! Other than getting a late start to my day it was a good day. Business was good considering it’s on the seasonal downward slide. The weather was good even if it was cool. It was the first day I wore pants and a sweatshirt instead of shorts and a t-shirt in 2 months. My food intake wasn’t too bad either so all in all a good day. However, when I finally got home around 6:30pm my day improved even more. When I get home the first thing I usually do is grab the mail and right on top of the pile of mail was an envelope from Mosaic.

Mosaic is the advertising company that put on the contest for Stride Gum. They’re also the company that was sending out the cheques to the winning Big Stridea contestants! So a full month after I was informed I was one of the Big Stridea winners I received my cheque! It’s an amazing feeling seeing a cheque with a sum of $10,000 written out to you!
I tell you it was a lot better than getting $10,000 worth of Stride Gum! That’s what a lot of my friends were suggesting would happen when I kept having to tell them I didn’t get the cheque yet when they asked 🙂

Since I didn’t get my run in yesterday I went out tonight after work. I know I probably could have skipped it and just went tomorrow but I was feeling good. I also felt I needed to since I’m not always eating the best lately. Since I’m tapering I kept the run short, just running 4 miles but I made it a fast run. My first mile was slow at 9:23 but each mile got faster …8:52,8:22,8:17. I ended my run at home so that my cool down walk would take me by the bank. I took my cheque up right away so that it wouldn’t get lost or stolen somehow. After punching in the amount and hitting deposit the machine asked me if I entered it correctly. Guess it doesn’t get too many deposits that big?!

I’ll have to admit though that after making the deposit I celebrated by eating a bag of dark chocolate covered almonds. Not the best of decisions but how often do you win that much money?! My next two priorities are to find someone to set up a fancy new blog where I will document my 40 races and start firming up my race schedule. I’ll obviously let you know when more info on these two fronts becomes available.

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8 Responses to Finally…and NO Gum

  1. Astrid says:

    I actually love Stride gum, sweet peppermint is my favorite. I am excited for your new blog and to folow you on your racing adventures! It must have been amazing to see the check. And don’t worry about the almonds, they were probably delicious (I bet). Have a good night.

  2. April says:

    I haven’t ever chewed Stride gum but i’ll get a pack in your honor 🙂

    Chocolate covered almonds are the devil!

  3. Yeah, that’s way better than, like 75,000 pieces of gum.

  4. I am still can’t get over the fact that you won!!! That is SO cool, and 10,000 is a BIG deal!!!!!

  5. Wes says:

    I will be expecting my cut in the mail anytime now 🙂

  6. biz319 says:

    Could you imagine if you got $10 grand worth of gum?!

    John, don’t knock the hot sauce/cheese in oats until you try it – it doesn’t even taste like oats anymore 😀

    Today is my Friday – woot! 😀

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