2010 Canada Army Run HM Race Report

Good evening everyone! That includes anyone looking for the Canada Army Run Race Results 🙂 I’ve been getting a lot of traffic because of my last blog post. For those of you looking for the race results you can go here: Sportstats.ca. When you get there scroll down just a bit and you’ll see “Recent Events” and the Canada Army Run is the first one listed.

I was in the process of writing this report up last night but I fell asleep before I could finish it. You want to know how far I got? See the title? Yeah that’s it 🙂 I didn’t even get my paperwork for my business started last night. Now I have 3 days worth to do by tomorrow night. It was a long day yesterday as after my race I immediately headed for home to play in a golf tournament. We played pretty well but not enough to win our side. Dinner was great: 1/2 a chicken!, veggies,baked potato,salad and pumpkin pie. I was stuffed!

Ok so let’s get to the race report. Race day started as usual with me getting up before the alarm. I may have slept till the alarm if not for one of my cats. She wasn’t comfortable enough I guess and woke me up while trying to get settled. She only cost me 10 minutes of sleep so it wasn’t too bad. Since I wasn’t going to have time to shower in between the race and my golf tourney I took one before the race. I don’t like to before I run but whoever got stuck riding in the golf cart with me would have hated me by the end of the day if I hadn’t showered.

For breakfast I had my usual smoothie while checking the weather forecast. Weather was going to be perfect as they were calling for 11C/52F,more sun than clouds,cool. Sounded good to me so I decided on a tech shirt and shorts only. I’ve been wearing shell pants and a sweatshirt occasionally lately but that sounded like it would be too warm. The drive to the race was almost uneventful. 3 miles from home there was a rear end collision at a construction site. Other than that it was just slow drive due to fog. By the time I got to the race site the fog was gone and the sun was out.

I arrived just in time to see the Injured Soldiers start their half marathon. They got to start 15 minutes earlier and they got a warm send off by everyone right after the national anthem. If I was worried about being cold waiting for the race to start I wouldn’t have for long. Standing packed like sardines in the sun waiting for our start time it was pretty warm. To start us off they had something special for us. No starter’s pistol for this race. No we got a cannon! I was about to experience the full effect of it when I realized I was right beside the speakers so I quickly plugged my ears!

I could tell the start would be slow as they didn’t have the corrals too far apart. I decided to take it easy the first 1/2 mile or so till it spread out a bit. Once it did I tried to slowly pick it up so that when the first mile was over I’d have a good idea what kind of run I was going to have. I hit the first mile in 8:46 and was feeling pretty good. I felt confident I could keep this pace for the entire run and hit my original goal of running a sub 2hr HM. I knew it would take 3 or 4 miles to decide whether I had a sub 1:55 HM or better in me.

The second mile went just as well coming in just 2 seconds slower. I realize now I can’t remember some details so need to make a mental note to always do up the report the day of the race! The third mile for whatever reason, I believe hills, came in a fair bit slower and wrecked my mini-goal of running each mile under 9 minutes. I saw it read 9:00 but knew it’d be over and sure enough it was at 9:00.69 🙂 I was happy though as I was keeping pace pretty easy. I wanted to try to pick up the pace but thought if I did it too early I may burn out and risk missing my main goal. So I kept going for a couple more miles.

Miles 4&5 came in at 8:44 and 8:46 so I figured I had enough extra time built up to try upping my pace. Miles 5&6 were a bit faster but not as fast as I was hoping leading up to the race. I was kind of hoping I could transfer my fast 5&10K times over to the longer HM. Hey a guy can dream and have a goal right?! 5&6 were 8:40&8:39…much faster 🙂 In my defence 6’s time was good as there was a couple decent climbs. Not high but long so it taxed me. This run in my opinion was not as flat as they advertised and after the race I overheard a couple of guys chatting saying the course was different from last year and more hilly. I’d say the course was easier than the HM in May but not that flat.

Moving ahead in the race, mile 9 had 2 or 3 decent hills that I decided to slow down going up and make up the time on the downhill and flats. I barely made 9:00.27 for this mile as it was tough. I think it was at this point I figured I wouldn’t have a shot at breaking 1:55:00 as I was starting to feel the pace was tougher to maintain. As I was nearing the end of the 10th mile I switched my Garmin over to the overall time. For the first time ever I saw it read 10.00 miles and the clock read LESS than 1.5 hours at 1:28:03 if I remember right. At this point I KNEW I’d break 2 hours and had a really good chance at breaking a 9:00/mile HM as well.

I was kind of hoping for a fast 5K to end my race but there just wasn’t enough gas in the tank for this. I’m not sure if it was me or it was these small to medium hills that kept popping up but whatever it was I had to work hard to maintain my 9:00/mile or less pace. I also felt like the race was a tad long as I did a pretty good job taking the shortest route but my Garmin and the race markers were disagreeing with the distance left. To not get discouraged I kept my Garmin on the LAP screen until I finished 12 miles. When I got there though I changed my mind again and decided not to switch it till after 13 miles.

Just before it was going to read 13 miles I flipped screens. When it read 13.1 miles I looked at the screen and it read 1:55:3x so even if I had run exactly a HM I still would have missed my sub 1:55:00. At this point I could just see the finish line area and picked it up another notch. I had already picked it up when I hit 13 miles but somewhere I found a little nitrous oxide left in the tank and blasted off to the finish line. I knew I had picked it up but not how much till I got home. I ran the last .27 miles of a 13.27m HM in 2:03.8 for a 7:42/mile average. Where’d that come from?! Well it came from the realization that I need to make the finish line before 1:57:00 for an “official” sub 9:00/mile.

So enough already what was your time?!! 🙂
Chip Time: 1:56:53.6
Overall: 2135/5455
Men 30-39: 458/746
Overall Men: 1569/2811

How do I feel now? I’m actually VERY happy with myself. I realize in my Race Goals I said I’d have to finish better than 1:55 to be that happy but I was wrong. Considering I just knocked 11:32 off my previous best HM time 3.5 months ago I should be and am very happy with myself. I also did this while completing 3 triathlons and training for a marathon next month. Besides since I only broke my original goal it leaves extra room for a new personal best next time 🙂 I’m thinking sub 1:50 is the next HM goal. I just don’t know when my next HM will be yet!

Ok I think that’s it. I think 🙂 I hope to be back tomorrow for the weekly weigh in. Good night or good morning or good afternoon, depending on when you’re reading this 🙂

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10 Responses to 2010 Canada Army Run HM Race Report

  1. Astrid says:

    Congrats on such a great half marathon. You deserve to be happy and so proud of yourself!

  2. Wes says:

    John, this is just fantastic. You have come so so far. Dream big my friend. I don’t think there is anything out there that will stop you.

  3. Congrats on a great time John!!!! You really are a star! You are so motivated, and hardworking!

  4. I ran the 5k and I noticed that the route wasn’t as flat as they’d promised! At least for the first kilometer. Also, According to my garmin, the route was longer too!

    Regardless though, very well done on your time, that’s quite impressive.

  5. congrats on the time! even if it wasn’t your original goal–it’s so impressive! sometimes we set goals too high-so glad you realize what a HUGE accomplishment this is!

  6. orlando seo says:

    Hey, Trying to view this website on an iphone and am having troubles. I can’t get the comments to load correctly. Just thought you should know, thanks!

  7. biz319 says:

    I am way behind on my blog reading!! You should be so proud of yourself John!! Breaking your PR by 11 minutes in just over three months – amazing!!

  8. John – just wanted to send you lots of good luck wishes for this Sunday’s marathon – can’t wait to hear how it goes. You are going to do awesome!!

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