Many Peaks and Valleys!

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post! I had to triple check it before I believed it. It’s been an up and down week for me since that last post. This is both on the food and business fronts. The food is slowly getting better but I have lots of room for improvement. While waiting for me to get more on track I’m trying to ratchet up the exercise level. This past weekend I bought a pair of ice skates so I hope to start adding that to my list of activities. It’ll be nice when it’s cold enough for the outdoor rinks to be operational. Once that happens I’ll bring my Garmin and try to skate 8km. Then I’ll know what it would feel like if I was to do that winter triathlon!

My biggest peaks and valleys this week came from the business side of my life. Last Friday I was just over half way done my deliveries when the truck didn’t sound or feel right. I couldn’t tell if it was a flat tire or if there was a problem with the engine. Once I finally pulled over I quickly discovered it wasn’t either one. That was a relief as an engine problem is usually not cheap. What it ended up being was a loose tire! Some how the front passenger tire got loose and eventually worked itself loose enough to cause the truck to shake and not sound good. Looking at both front tires it doesn’t look possible for it to be loose but it was unfortunately.

What did this mean? My truck is parked till I replace the rim,studs and nuts. I also had to rent a truck to finish my run Friday. Luckily this happened in November and not July as I’ve been able to use my car since. However if they don’t fix it today (now that they finally have the parts) I’ll have to rent a truck tomorrow. Fridays are just too busy no matter the time of year for me to use my car.

Some additional peaks and valleys since/due to the truck:

cost of a new rim: $650 plus tax!!

truck rental: U-Haul was the only one with a truck @ $0.69/km! AND I had to wait 2hrs for it because they weren’t there

parts search: looking for a cheaper new/used rim came a cross many that said they’d call back shortly…and didn’t!

used rim: found a used rim locally for $75!! looks good so hopefully it is good!

studs & nuts: easiest thing to acquire and they screw it up on me…costing me a day of repair and potentially costing me
getting my truck back today! And today they hid the new parts so for another hour thought I got screwed again.

truck garage: owner willing to help me out last weekend on no notice…his service manager this week can’t say whether
he can get me fixed tomorrow?! I should have just talked to the owner instead of listening to him and talking to his service manager. we’ll see later today!

run and badminton: Tuesday I had a good 10 mile run and 1.5hrs of badminton

tweaked knee and hip: Wednesday I woke up with my right hip being sore when I step and then while getting into my car I
tweaked my left knee….twice!

Ontario Government: I got a cheque in the mail yesterday for $1000!! It’s for HST Transition Support. I had no idea I was
getting any money from the government for their stupid idea of blending the provincial and federal
sales taxes. If the repairs go well and the used rim works this cheque should pay for it!

I think that pretty much covers things. I’ll let you know tomorrow night how the truck repair did or didn’t go today! Wish me luck 🙂

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4 Responses to Many Peaks and Valleys!

  1. Astrid says:

    Good luck on your truck repair!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the truck issues, but the moola sounds fab!!!!!

  3. Wes says:

    crap. why can’t the government send me money. I wanna be Canadian! 🙂

  4. biz319 says:

    Wow – $1000 is a lot of loot! Just in the nick of time too – hope you got the car situation fixed and have a great weekend!

    I am the worst iceskater – my daughter took to it immediately and would lap me 10 times before I did one lap!


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